110912 REVIEW: Mr. Simple (Version B) by I-weekly

*I-Weekly is one of Singapore’s best-selling magazines. Their music review section mainly reviews Chinese albums, and reviews on albums of other languages like Korean/Japanese/English are quite rare and are only for the top artists. They also rarely give high album ratings of 3.5/5 and above. Last year, they also reviewed “Bonamana”, with it achieving a rating of 3.5/5.

LISTEN TO: Mr. Simple (Ver. B) by Super Junior
Asia’s top boyband Super Junior releases their 5th album, subsequently releasing version B of the album.
Rating: 4/5

Korea’s top group, while no longer in their teens, have presented their masculine charm this time. While the bright, colourful and varied covers of version A have attracted much attention and stood out from the norm, it suffered from lack of uniformity. With the version B of the album, they have changed to manly warriors. Their 2nd title track “Superman” was also specially included in this album, the domineering atmosphere of the song defeating that of the title track “Mr. Simple”.

Having debut for 6 years, SJ has cut down on their youth and craziness in their music. They have become more stable and has definitely grown in their music. When compared to their more frivolous title track “Bonamana”, while this album’s title track “Mr. Simple” is still the electronic dance track they are famous for, it is not as addictive or as fresh as “Sorry Sorry” and “Bonamana”. However, the lyrics positively speak of encouraging everyone to live a simple life and to stay true to themselves does win back a point for it. The effect of the song would be better, though, if the excessive auto-tune was cut down. The same problem lies with “Opera”, which has a strong beat.

In order to show SJ’s all-rounded musicality and their growth, their senior in the industry, Jong-Shin Yoon, specially penned a youthful and happy song about friendship for them, “Good Friends”. “Walkin”, which is composed by Denzil Remedios and others, has a light and reggae beat that has a lighthearted feel to it. “Feels Good” and “Y”, which is composed by Donghae, both have a plesent beat while party song “White Christmas” is for sure one of the lively songs to be sung in their concert.

The ballads are, as expected, performed by SJ’s top three vocalists K.R.Y (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung). While missing heart-wrenching tracks like “In My Dream” from their previous album, they still showed their strong vocals through “My Love, My Kiss, My Heart.” While “Storm”, which also features Donghae and Sungmin, is a touching piece, the author prefers the tear-jerker ballad “Memories”, which is composed by Park Jun Soo, the composer of Yesung’s “It has to be you”.

The Mr. Simple who can surpass themselves, they are Superman.


  • After Heechul’s enlistment, leader Leeteuk also announced that he would be enlisting in the army next year. Before that, SJ will be embarking on their “Super Show 4” tour, with the first stop confirmed to be Korea on the 19th and 20th of November this year.
  • The dances from “Mr Simple”, the “Shaking Hands dance” and the “X-Men dance” which symbolize shaking alway the troubles, have also started a new trend.

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Source: I-weekly 
English translation by fishyplankton @ SUPER-LEGACY.COM 


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