Eunhyuk reveals his dislike for high-waisted pants

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk has revealed his dislike for girls who wear high-waisted pants.

On September 12th’s broadcast of KBS “Hello“, there was a corner called ‘Release Your Worries‘, where regular people guested and revealed their concerns.

On this day’s broadcast, one female guest showed a concern about her boyfriend wearing hiking clothes as everyday clothes. The MCs then asked Super Junior, “Is there a style that you guys would like your girlfriend to not wear?

To this, Eunhyuk replied, “Girls think that high-waisted pants are pretty, but I personally, really dislike them.

Shindong also stated, “Girls think that guys don’t like it when they wear thick makeup, but I personally really like it.” The MCs then threw him the question, “Do you like the Japanese style makeup too?“, to which Shindong revealed his taste by replying, “Don’t you think it’s pretty?

Source + Photo: TV Report via Nate

Credits: Allkpop


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