SM Entertainment reveals Kim Heechul’s farewell video message

Days ago, we reported that Super Junior‘s Heechul finally step foot into his military life to begin his four weeks of basic training before going on to complete two years as a public service personnel.

Recently, SM Entertainment’s official YouTube channel uploaded a two-minute long video message directly from Heechul himself, which was filmed before his enlistment.

The full translated transcript can be read down below.


Hello, this is Kim Heechul. I’ve been given the chance to greet you through this video message. By the time you get to watch this on the internet, I’ll probably already be working hard in training.

As you all know, I personally wanted to go in as quietly as I can, but the workers at the company were concerned that that would be a little disrespectful to all the fans who’ve loved and supported me. I think those words are right, though. It’d be sort of like, I’d suddenly disappear and everyone would ask ‘Where did Heechul go?!’ and then they’d be answered with, ‘Ahh, he’s already left for the army.’ I felt that fans would be a little sad in that respect, so I’m here sending my message through this video.

I’ll be turning 29 this year. It’s an older age compared to others, but due to an injured part of my body, I think I’ll be working at another place after my four weeks of training. It’s something that was definitely going to happen and it’s something everyone has to experience, so please don’t be too sad about it. After two years, I’ll still come back as the fun and cool ‘Big Space Star’ that I am today, so please keep liking me. If you end up liking someone else by then, well then, there’s not much I can do about that either, right? Haha. In these next two years I’ll make sure to work hard and take care of myself so that I’ll come back as the same person that I am today, or even at least with a more mature and adult-like image.

I think this is the first time I’ve said something like this. Our Super Junior’s fan club, ELFs, I really thank you. I’ve always been thankful and always loved you all. It’s only now that I’ve come out and expressed it. I love you, thank you!


In addition, a netizen on an online community board posted a picture of Heechul with his training camp team.  Netizens who saw the picture commented, “He’s a real man now”, “His shaved head suits him so well. Look how small his head is”, and “I don’t know if it’s because he’s the ‘Big Space Star’, but you can notice him out of the entire group immediately.”

Source: Newsen via Nate, SM’s YouTube Channel

Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: Fid @ sjcouples  

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