Siwon and Lee Sung Jae have a drinking battle on “Poseidon”

Choi Siwon and Lee Sung Jae will portray the role of two policemen named Kim Sun Woo andKwon Jung Ryul for the upcoming drama “Poseidon“.

On August 29th, the two filmed a scene in Chungnam Taeahngoon and some stills from this filming were recently made available to the public. For the scene, the two were have a friendly drinking battle. Even though they’re both policemen for the same police station, they have gone through some misunderstandings from four years prior that have ruined their relationship.

The two of them have a very serious and emotional meeting, which piqued the interest of potential viewers on what really happened four years ago. This meeting becomes the reason why they start putting their differences aside and work together in division nine.

Even though they have a sunbae-hubae relationship, the two are getting along like best friends. In order to put on a realistic performance for the scene, the two actually drank real soju (Korean distilled beverage with a taste similar to vodka).

The production staff stated, “The two showed perfect teamwork that was not overdone during this drinking battle scene. Please look forward to ‘Poseidon’”.

The first episode will air on the 19th through KBS2TV.

Source: Chosun via Naver

Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: Fid @ sjcouples 


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