SJ’s Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, and Kyuhyun Reveal “Sungmin’s Amazing Ability To Be Close With Women

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The Super Junior members revealed Sungmin’s ability to be close with women.

On the episode of Strong Heart that aired on the 30th, Sungmin said that the reason he feels closer to women is because when he was younger, he received a lot of love and care from girls and women. He also revealed that when he cried when he was younger because of other boys, it would always be girls and women who came and comforted him, thus resulting in him being closer to females. However, the members revealed things about him one by one, making him feel a bit embarassed.

First, Kyuhyun said that once, when they needed to go record, Sungmin (hyung) had driven his own car. It wasn’t any flashy car, but when he saw Sungmin get off the car he also saw four other girls accompany him. Eunhyuk then added that Sungmin’s attitude towards men and women has a large contrast. If he’s talking a girl, his voice would be soft and gentle; however, if he was talking to a boy, his voice would be more deep and manly, revealing Sungmin’s cute personality. Leeteuk also revealed that when they went to Ock Juhyun’s Starry Night Radio, they were still rookies then so they were quite nervous; however, when they were playing a song, Sungmin had already gone over and started to massage Ock Juhyun’s shoulders, making people envious of his closeness with women. Sungmin protested, saying that because of these misunderstandings women were now becoming less close to him.

On another note, when Sungmin was conversing with actress Im Soohyang they had skinship that was very natural, making other people jealous.

c r e d i t s ;
Source: SeoulNTN | Chinese Translation: 33 for
English Translation: giraffesque for SUPER-LEGACY.COM


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