“Poseidon” Choi Siwon-Park SeongGwang-Lee Sanghoon, reveals adventure photos on set

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“Poseidon” Choi Siwon-Park SeongGwang-Lee Sanghoon, revealed adventures photos on the set.

On the 19th, KBS2 TV will broadcast the pilot episode of a new drama “Poseidon”, on Mondays and Tuesdays with names like Choi Siwon, Park SeongGwang and Lee Sanghoon on the actors list.

In the drama, Choi Siwon will play the role as Kim ShinWoo, an outstanding member in the marine force but it all fell apart due to bad issues in his career. He will be making a turnover through this role.

Park SeongGwang acting skills are also being put into test, as he will be acting along with Choi Siwon as working partner. Lee Sanghoon who is currently undertaking a role in SBS “Women’s Scent” as Seo Hyorim’s brother. His character in “Poseidon” is a ‘styled’ gangster who always gets what he wants. He will also be sharing the screen with Choi Siwon and Park SeongGwang.

Adventures of the trio excludes all kinds of charisma. They brought the right atmosphere to the set, which also attracted the public’s attention.

It’s hard to believe that the trio has established good friendship through “Poseidon” in such a short time. The past few days of the shooting became a sea of laughter for everyone.

Choi Siwon, Park SeongGwang and Lee Sanghoon possessed good ‘comedian’ skills in front of the camera, which made the shooting more realistic. Pleasant mood and the summer heat filled up the shooting atmosphere!

The trio disregarded the ‘sudden’ and ‘accidental’ meeting way, but continued to show their affection and care towards each other, which in turn made the shooting for “Poseidon” more interesting.
The staff expressed: “Poseidon’s young casts get along well, such as Choi Siwon and Lee Siyeong. They will be giving audience a good feeling. The cooling beach, limitless stage, they will be showing an enthusiastic and attractive comedy.”

c r e d i t s ;
Source: Hankyung| Chinese Translation: 小晔 for Siwon Baidu Bar
English Translation: XIAOSI@super-legacy.com



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