110831 SJ-M answer fans questions. Interview on their favourite chinese food

Korea’s idol group SJ popularity were known worldwide. We can always hear fans loud screaming whenever they appear. Super Junior sub unit SJ-M went China for their promotional activities, inclusive of members Henry and Zhoumi.
They went all out for their development, example acting, appear in musicals, and being emcee(s). Their popularity increased more after the fan meeting in Beijing. During the interview, the members revealed that other than working, they learn mandarin, eat Chinese delicacies, and they hopes to share with everyone too.

@wangcan0312: Other than the fans here, what other things in China that attracts SJ-M members? The food? Scenery? Culture? Or? What do you like most among the chinese food here?
Sungmin: The deepest impression i have in China is food. Especially steamboat.
Ryeowook: To me, I think China is really big. We have to fly in between the cities for our schedule. And china fans are very bubbly. Most of them are kind.

@土豆宝宝: Do you have difficulty in learning mandarin? Can you tell us some content during behind-the-scenes? Who’s better in speaking mandarin then?
Kyuhyun: I thought i don’t have to use mandarin for work, when i was learning it. So for just a word, i used 3 months to master it. Haha, i think my pronunciation is the best among the members.
Siwon: Initially it is really difficult. Because different tone meant different thing so my words often clash with other members. Each of the members are good at their own areas of mandarin. Example Ryeowook is good at food. Kyuhyun is good at programs or TV shows. Donghae is good at making the fans happy.

@和睦鱼: Will you guys be filming in China? I hope to see you guys more often
Sungmin: Siwon and Donghae filmed a drama before, so hope everyone will support it. I hope i can have the chance to appear through shows or dramas too.

@流沙: When will you guys be in mainland for variety shows? Do you think there’s differences or similarities between China variety shows and Korea variety shows?
Eunhyuk: We would love to, if there’s a chance. But we must master our mandarin first hehe. I think that no matter what variety shows are, there’s no differences, only laughter’s.

@Leanna: There’s a lot of artistes start their own business by opening shops. Do you guys have plans for it too?
Henry: For now, i just want to focus on making music.
Zhoumi: I hope to open up a boutique, to sell clothes or accessories.

@粉红兔耳朵: Does any members know about Xi’An people? When are you coming to Xi’An for concert?
Zhoumi: Please invite us! We hope to meet Xi’An fans too

@小米么么: Do you guys know the nicknames that the fans gave you?
Henry: I think is mochi (type of new year cake) Because im chubby and fair hehe!
Zhoumi: GentlemanMimi, i said this in a show before, and everyone start calling me that.

@CICI211: Are there any songs or stories of work that relates to your daily life?
Sungmin: The songs are mainly stories that commonly happened to people, we often choose songs that able to relate to many people.
Donghae: When im composing songs, i try to relate to myself, or members or people around me.

The other side of the stars
Other than asking questions related to their daily life, fans also prepared another set of questions regarding interesting stories that happened during filming, nicknames, deepest impressions, which china artistes they hope to work with, and many more!
Let’s see what are their replies!

To Siwon
Mina: Siwon is often called ’10-won’ (T/N: Literally chinese translation) is it cute to you?
Siwon: It’s cute, but the next time you guys have to give me 10won when you call me that!

To Donghae
某小某: Whats the most fun thing for filming?
Donghae: To become as realistic as the character depicted in the drama, my make up have to be thick, especially the eyes part. This is first time for me.

To Eunhyuk
旭爱621: You mentioned before that speaking mandarin is as easy as eating, is it true? Did your mandarin skills improved?
Eunhyuk: I think i got a difficult time eating!

To Sungmin
wangcan0312: You have been to many cities of China, where is the place that left the deep impression most?
Sungmin: I think TaiNan is pretty, and Qingdao. The beer festival held there is interesting.

媚媚: You acted in musicals and tv shows, do you want to act in movie next? Which artistes in China you hope to work with?
Sungmin: Of course i yearn to be cast in movie. My dream is to work with Jacky Chan.

To Zhoumi
mjismineqq: Curious to find out will you watch or see messages/videos that the fans left for you?
Zhoumi: I like it especially when fans made videos for me. I often used UFO (acronym for the program)

To Henry
晓晓: You promised “琴弦” (T/N: Should be a person/a friend/a fan name?) to record chinese version of ‘sick of love’ into mp3 for us. It’s been so long, have you forgotten about this issue?
Henry: If there’s a chance, i will sing it for everyone

难舍难分: How long have you been a trainee in Korea for? What kind of skills or talent you learnt from there?
Henry: I’ve been a trainee for 1 year, my korean language improved a lot during this period of time.

To Kyuhyun
Leanna: What do you think of the differences between Chinese songs and Korean songs?
Kyuhyun: Korean music tends to have fast tempo, main focus is to perform. Chinese songs are slower in tempo, focus on ballads.

To Ryeowook
锅巴X: How did the korean company find you?
Ryeowook: Through company auditions. I think i got in because of my looks, hehehe….

c r e d i t s ;
Original source: Sina.com.cn | Compilation: 羊小米 | Reporter : 解晨红
English translation: XIAOSI @ Super-Legacy.com


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