Siwon discards boy-next-door disposition, becomes a playboy in Poseidon

Super group SJ’s member Choi Siwon has discarded his boy-next-door disposition, changing his style into a matured man.

In the KBS Monday/Tuesday drama Poseidon, which would be aired beginning 19th September, Siwon would be challenging the character of Kim Shinwoo, a Marine Special Forces personnel whose career fell apart due to a messy case.

On 15th August, Siwon appeared at the Nonsan, Donghae beach with wheat-coloured skin, a clean white shirt, floral-patterned beach shorts and shades, immediately catching attention. He who was emanating a valiant vibe and cool, was closely chasing bikini-clad girls who were passing him by with his eyes.

The content of that particular day’s shoot was that Shinwoo had came to the beach together with his junior Bae Daesung (played by Park Sungkwang) and close brother Wonta*, and was gazing at girls all the time. Shinwoo, who was formerly the ace of the marine special force, sank into a depression after an incident in Gunsan City, and became a person who loitered around a lot.

Siwon, Park Sungkwang and Lee Sanghun finished filming their scene in a relaxed manner as though they were at a beach resort, and in order to create an authentic atmosphere, the producers have hired more than 100 extras**. Because of the persisting rain, the whole filming process was delayed for two days, but under the actors’ hard work, the whole filming process wasn’t affected too much.

The drama crew for Poseidon mostly base their settings by the sea, and the actors and staff were tanned because of this. Nevertheless, Siwon’s tanned appearance gave him the extra edge in carrying Shinwoo’s character off in a better manner.

The production company also expressed that “Just like the Korean Nautical Police have said, we would like to grasp the opportunity to show everyone the cooling seaside through this drama”, and that “Choi Siwon, Lee Shiyoung and other young actors gives off the youthful feeling, resulting in the drama being filled with energy and the taste of youth.”

* Certain character names are guessed based on how the sounded like in Chinese, may have discrepancies because of that. If anyone has the full list of characters of Poseidon in Korean, please notify me ^^
** To be the beach-goers.

Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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