Leeteuk, Storm of Tears in ‘Inkigayo’… Kim Heechul, “I will be back from the army!”

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Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk burst into a flood of tears while presenting his winning speech on SBS ‘Inkigayo’.

‘Mr. Simple’ received their second win on this week’s Inkigayo for the week of August 28. In his speech, Leeteuk started off by thanking the SM staffs only to end up choking up because of the tears.

Prior to the broadcast, he posted a tweet on Twitter that brought a lot of attention, “I tried to hold it in but it’s so hard.. Really.. Seriously.. I feel like my body is breaking and disappearing.. It’s as if it’s telling me to die..”

Leeteuk said in tears, “I’m thankful to everyone. Heechul is going to the army, so I’m happy to receive this trophy.” Heechul then continued by mentioning his enlistment, “This is my last stage before entering the army. It’s great to be able to receive such a special award before I leave.” and added meaningfully, “Our Jungsoo (Leeteuk) had to go through a difficult time lately. But I’m always thankful to him and the other members.”

And to wrap it up, Heechul said, “I love you, all of my fans. Thanks to our managers who have put up with my bad manners until now. This is the end (of the speech) because I’m someone who’s not good at expressing things.”

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Source: Segye 
English Translation: dianapetrina @ Super-Legacy.com
Edited by: D E A @ Super-Legacy.com 


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