Leeteuk Reveals How Super Junior Started, Eunhyuk Cries Because Of Heechul

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Popular group Super Junior talked about their team spirit on the show, attracting the attention of viewers.

The 10 members of Super Junior took part in the episode of SBS <Strong Heart> that was broadcast on the 30th, and bluntly talked about their debut and all the difficulties they faced up until today. Leeteuk cleanly opened the topic, saying, “Actually, 3 months after Super Junior debuted we were supposed to disband, letting new members reform as Super Junior and therefore using a member-switch concept, and so rookies could use this excuse to debut.” Then he continued, “That’s why every time we stood on stage, we treated our performance as if it were our last one, and we kept on working hard. In the end, because of all our hard work we made it to where we are today, and because of that we also want to keep walking down this road.”

Next, Eunhyuk also expressed, “Now the problems within our group are right in front of our eyes, we’ve talked a lot about Super Junior’s future, even though it’ll be hard, we still hope to grow with all our fans, even if we become fathers we wish to stay together under the name Super Junior.”

Near the end of the show, Eunhyuk began to let tears fall from his eyes because of talk about Heechul’s enlistment in the army. Last week’s SBS <Inkigayo> was Super Junior’s last performance on the stage, making everyone at the scene feel even more emotional.

On another note, besides the 10 members of Super Junior, cast members from the TV series <New Tales of Gisaeng> also guested on the show.

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Source: KoreaStarDaily
English Translation: giraffesque @ Super-Legacy.com


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