Sure 9 Magazine September Edition – Translations of contents related to Kim Kibum

Body: Actor Kim Kibum who has debuted from idol group Super Junior will be making a comeback through a drama “Deep Rooted Tree”. While reading through his past filmography, everyone will probably be surprised by his potential and passion in performing. It was understood that before he made his debut through Super Junior, he had already started his filming activities by filming “Sharp 2”. After that, he had slowly accumulated his experiences and polished his acting through other works such as “Snow Flower”, “Rainbow Romance”, “Chunja’s Happy Events”, etc. In addition, he has made his first silver-screen appearance in “Jumunjin”, also, he participated in a play “A Middle Nap” which is directed by Heo Jinho, along with Lee Young Ha, Kim Chang Wan and Oh Kwang Lok, and other experienced seniors, it was almost the first time an idol star stood on a stage performing a play. There were many questions online regarding Kim Kibum’s recent conditions as well as his relationship with Super Junior during this one-year period. Questions such as “Is it possible to be promoting with Super Junior”, “What will be the reason if you have quitted the group”, etc. were brought up to him just like his hot popularity. Regarding questions about Super Junior, Kibum seems to be very careful with his answer. If you are his fan, you would probably have to wait quietly for a period of time. A more precised answer will be given during his future activities, while his first answer will be the comeback project that he has chosen – “Deep Rooted Tree”. The drama content is about the serial murder event in the Gyeongbok Palace 7 days before the announcement of Hunminjungeum*. The drama is written by “Queen Seon Deok” Kim Young Hyun, and Park Sang Yeon. Actors such as Han Seok Kyu, Jang Hyuk, etc. are also participating in the drama. This seems to be indicating that this drama will be causing a stir. Kim Kibum will be acting as a scholar, Park Paeng Neyon. As he took a break after “A Middle Nap”, thus the burden on him wasn’t small as all. However, being an actor is an occupation where your body acts faster than your brain, thus when he thought about how he will be acting as a co-star with the other experienced senior, he felt that he shouldn’t worry so much about it, instead, he should enjoy it confidently. On the day of the photoshoot, with his mix-and-match concept, he has interpreted a wise, mature and relaxed style in a handsome manner. A youthful appearance with a mature voice. He debuted with an idol group with a sincere dream to perform. The clashes between the charms and desires he owns will be presented on the dazzling drama.

Below: With a thick and mature voice, he can sing love songs, he can also use that type of voice to talk about life stories. Someone has said before that a person’s voice is the echo of his inner world. He live in a more deep and matured world that what I’ve imagined, therefore, a 25-year-old actor Kim Kibum who fell in love with performing, is who I am currently looking at right now.

Upper Right:
“I don’t know if I am born to be an actor. I often hear words such as ‘you have a nice voice, your sensibility isn’t bad’, but it feels as if acting is something that can only be achieved through lots of thoughts and practice. I feel that among my merits, concentration seems to be the most useful one out of all. If I am determined, I will do it immediately so that I will not be distracted by any other things.”

“All my interests and hobbies were for acting. If I have to act out a swimming scene I would learn swimming. Although I will be enjoying while I learn, but the ultimate motive is for acting. I am still learning boxing. After watching the movie “Crying Fist”, I thought about how I wanted to film such movies, thus I went to find the actual boxing coach in the movie, and is currently learning from him.”

How he had spent his time when he took a break
Disappeared for a period of time, had spent the time in America with my parents. Since young, I came back to Korea alone to persue my career. The times that I’ve spent with my family wasn’t a lot thus I took this chance to compensate them. I learn about acting through watching movies and plays and I travel often too.

What kinds of travelling does he like
I am interested in photography, therefore I will take a lot of pictures while travelling. As I debuted very early, thus compared to people of the same age, there were many things that I have not done before. I felt that I should do those things in order to perform well thus I went on a travelling trip.

What kind of photos does he like to capture
Portraits. I like pictures with people and scenery.

I’ve heard that when a person is feeling lonely, he/she will prefer portrait photos or drawing. Are you afraid of lonliness?
I think so.

What did you benefit from travelling?
The gap in my heart seemed to have lessen by a lot. Actually I am very stiff and quiet in the past, but after having experiences of acting out a play and travelling, my heart began to open up a lot more.

How do you feel by making a comeback through “Deep Rooted Tree”?
I am anticipating to produce a good result while working with a good director, good scriptwriters, good actors and actresses. I want to make this drama a work that is able to bring joy to people thus I am also very anticipated about it. Although it’s impossible to not worry about it after taking a long break, especially since it’s a historical drama, it made me feel more nervous but I still wanted to accept the challenge. I am curious about how much I’ve grown after accumulating my hard work during this period of time. I have a certain amount of confidence because I did not neglect that amount of time.

What kind of character are you acting?
My character is Park Paeng Neyon, according to my knowledge, he is a genius, but the writer denied it saying that he was merely hardworking. I have a lot of scenes that I’m acting opposite Seong Sam-mun, there is also a vast differences in terms of our personalities. In order to present a “Park Paeng Neyon” that is different from me, I am in putting in effort therefore recently my brain is about to explode. (laughs)

Do you have your own way to analyze the character?
Wouldn’t you find out a person’s character by seeing the way he walks? I will start with the walking posture by purposely walking around an area for a round while think that I am Park Paeng Neyon. While walking, I will start to feel that I am a little like Park Paeng Neyon. After doing one thing correctly, another thought will start to appear, when I have done another thing correctly, another thought will start to appear. If I continue to do it that way, Kim Kibum’s appearance will fade eventually. I also record down my voice to practice the tone when Park Paeng Neyon speaks.

When did you start feeling passionate about performing?
I started off cluelessly. I was a trainee then, therefore I just wanted to appear on the television to let everyone know about me. It started off with that kind of urgent feeling. However, when I got praised for the first time during filming, I started to find it interesting. That was when I was filming “Sharp 2”, I received a lot of praises on that day, I still could not forget about that kind of happiness which I had felt then. At that time, I wanted to hear praises everyday. Everyday when I went to the filming place I would want to feel that kind of happiness thus I became more serious. I really liked it a lot back then, therefore in my heart I had only wanted to perform. It has reached the stage where in other people’s eyes I may seem to be an obstinate person but I am longer like that. I just wanted to enjoy while I act.

What do you hope to be like in 10 years time? 
I hope that compared to now, my inner self will be able to be more relaxed and to be even more passionate in performing.

What kind of lover would you like to have beside you in 10 years time?
I am not very sure. Someone who is able to love what I love – performing, also someone who I can find common interest in? Because it was just a random thought, I might change my views after I’ve returned home. (laughs)

*Hunminjungeum; 훈민정음; 訓民正音: the original term for Hangul

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Original Source: Sure 9 Magazine
Chinese Translation: 粉粉 @ 百度金基范吧
English Translation: marchocho @
Scans by (As Tagged): @lynchae1106
Scans shared by: Anne. @
Image reupload by: Haziqah @ sjcouples


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