Super Junior’s 5th Album Explodes In Taiwan, Continue’s ‘s 63-Week Legacy

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Super Junior’s 5th album <Mr. Simple> climbed onto Taiwan’s music charts, successfully making them become the true idol group of Asia.

Super Junior’s 5th album’s title song <Mr. Simple> successfully entered Taiwan’s largest music site KKBOX’s chart for ‘Top 100 Korean Music’. sitting snugly in the number 1 spot, letting people feel once again the passionate support that Taiwanese fans have for Super Junior. As well, Super Junior’s 4th album’s title song <Bonamana> starting from June of last year, until August of this year, stayed at the top of the chart for 63 weeks in a row, becoming KKBOX’s longest standing song at the number 1 spot. <Mr. Simple> will continue <Bonamana> and <Sorry Sorry>’s legacy and help Super Junior become undefeatable idols.

According to sources, when Super Junior’s album was not officially being sold yet, their album still managed to grab the number 1 spot for 2 weeks in a row in large chain music store FIVE MUSIC’s charts. Their 5th album will officially be sold in Taiwan on September 2nd.

On another note, Super Junior has taken over most of Korea’s music charts, getting 3 first places; as well as getting high ratings on music shows such as <Music Bank> and <M!Countdown>, raising the excitement in the Hallyu wave.

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Source: Koreastardaily
English Translation: giraffesque @ SPL


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