Kim Heechul “Because of the 8 metal rods from the accident…”

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Super Junior Kim Heechul’s enlistment is just around the corner and he shares his thoughts with us.

Kim Heechul said through a phone call this morning, “Because I enlist late, I want to go quietly. In fact, I wanted to announce my enlistment through Leeteuk’s radio.”

“But if I choose to depart quietly when the amount of love and support I receive recently has been really great, it just does not seem right. Come to think of it, you heard the news from my agency.”

“It hasn’t been long since Super Junior’s 5th album ‘Mr Simple’ was first released and is currently going so well. At first, I wanted to delay the enlistment, but I think it will be better to do it when it feels right as I already want this. I admit that the process that I took to arrive to this decision was not easy.”

“I will continue to take part in the remaining activities before coming back home to Gangwon-do. I have lots of things to do there.”

He also thanked members and fans who respect his decision.

“I am thankful to Super Junior’s members. They told me shyly “we can’t do it without hyung”, it makes me flattered. Once I am gone, I believe Super Junior will do just as fine” he laughed.

“Thank you for your constant support since 6 years ago, but I won’t ask you to wait for me. When it is time for me to resume my activities, please give me your support.” Heechul said in a witty manner.

Meanwhile, Kim Heechul will be admitted to Chungnam Military Camp on September 1st and will be receiving basic military training for 4 weeks before serving as public service personnel for 23 months.

Kim Heechul was involved in a terrible car accident in the summer of 2006 and had to undergo a major surgery in which he had 8 metal rods put in his leg. It is why he will only be serving as public service personnel.

Kim Heechul’s eloquent and unique wit has made him loved by many and acquired a nickname ‘Space Big Star’.

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Source: Star News
English Translation: dewspaper for SUPER-LEGACY.COM
Edited by D E A for SUPER-LEGACY.COM



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