Ceci Magazine – September Issue Interview

CECI Cover, <<Mr Simple>> Super Junior

There will not be any more of such a contradictory idol group, but this contradicting description ‘Super’ and ‘Junior’ does not seem awkward for them.

As a member of an idol group that has surpassed Asia, having fans in Europe, South America and other 59 countries, each has surprising stories that they themselves do not even know about. Joking around and playing pranks on each other, but not letting anyone be alone, perhaps this is a form of self-management for the members. Each of them has a different mix of charm and appeal, and the result is further multiplied. This has been recognized no matter where they go.

Whenever the members talk about this, the conclusion will be ‘Super Junior’s blood flow’. Their foundation lies in unconditional loyalty and trust? No, those are only individual words. Even towards the end of the interview there is still no definate answer to describe it, “Perhaps it’s loyalty? It’s trust? Maybe both?” No one knows what it is that enabled them to stay so close, but throughout these 7 years, they still remain at the top.

Global Idol

Ceci: Wow! You were 1st for 61 consecutive weeks in Taiwan. (As of 2nd August)

EH: There is really no other group that has managed to stay on for such a long time. Ah, aside from our gratitude there’s only gratitude.

LT: The first time we got 1st place, every week was full of nervousness. From the 36th week til the 100th, ‘Miinah’ has all gotten 1st. There are also fans who know about Guiness World Records, it’s very realistic.

CECI: We saw your performances in Paris. The atmosphere was really awesome.

SD: There were lots of waves made in Korea after the Paris concert, especially Heechul hyung’s ‘Beyonce’ performance. Although we already started it from before, but ever since it showed at the Paris concert, no matter where you go there will be people talking about Beyonce. Not long ago I was on the phone with Tiger JK hyung, he said an American fan referred to us as ‘World Junior’. We still use this story to joke around saying “We have the least popularity in Korea”.

LT: Recently we received much love and felt very proud. England’s BBC said a group name like Super Junior has slowly become a brand.

DH: In Taiwan and China, we have reached the point where you can just tell the taxi drivers “Please go to SuJu’s dorm” and they will know where to go. We have also received love from South America and Egypt, so we will work even harder.

RW: There are increasingly more foreign fans outside our dorms. When I was going to watch Sungmin hyung’s musical <Jack the Ripper>, I even shook hands with the Mexican fan who was sitting beside me. I said to her, “Wow~ Thank you!” (Laughs)

SW: Our hearts are filled with gratitude, together with responsibilities and burdens. Because we do not just hope that we can have the love of fans all over the world, we are also concerned about how people see us locally. In Korea, it would be bad if there were guys like us here. (Laughs)

CECI: Honestly speaking compared to Korea, you received more recognition overseas. What is the reason so.

LT: Not long ago we had a similar question. It is the result of having world-reknowned dancers who choreographed songs for Janet Jackson and Britney Spears participating personally in our song, music producers, and members who are full of personality. This 3 points seem to need to be in existance at the same time. Furthermore, to people overseas viewing Youtube, the large member numbers seem to be one of the influencing factors. Like in US, after N’Sync, boy bands are dime a dozen, and are similar to one another, hence people turn towards Asian singers. Adding up all these reasons, it seems to be the reason for our dominance in the world.

One of Super Junior

CECI: The member that aggravated you is?

RW: Eunhyuk hyung! His body figure is number 1 amongst us all. If you look at his nude body it is really beautiful. Even though looking at it he seems skinny and weak, but he is not totally stick-skinny, he has very firm muscles. Apart from his face I wish to be like him in every other aspect (Laughs)

EH: Ryeowook has been getting more good looking than me, and his outer appearance also ranks high. I have never had such thoughts. Strange. Hoot!

SD: For me it’s Leeteuk hyung, though he is a little over, but this is his charm. Even though my face is covered, Leeteuk hyung treats people around him really well. When Eunhyuk is dancing, he has lots of ‘sense’ during variety shows. And no one will hate him no matter what he does, this makes people feel envious. Ah, Yesung is also really funny.

SM: If it’s body figure, I want Siwon’s. For singing, it’s Kyuhyun and Ryeowook and Yesung hyung, for variety it’s Eunhyuk, Shindong, Leeteuk hyung, Heechul hyung. My personality is very obvious, I just look at things from the surface, if I like it I like it, if I hate it I hate it. This sort of personality is a shortcoming that is not very good. The other members all have great personalities, I’m very envious.

HC: There is none. Not only the members, I don’t have this sort of feelings towards anyone. Compared to being a second place World Star, I wish to be Number 1 Kim Heechul more.

CECI: There are many activities as unit groups, which members work best together?

LT: The members have been together for almost 10 years, so we all know each others’ likes or dislikes.

SD: Most of us work well together. But no matter what, Eunhyuk and Leeteuk hyung have been hosting radio for almost 5~6 years, so they match well. I even feel like joining between the two of them.

CECI: The members seem to be really united.

DH: We will play pranks that many people would not even understand. For example, pranks like splashing a bucket of water on anyone that sleeps. No matter what, other groups are in envy of ‘our’ relationship. “As expected, only you guys can do this” they will often say this.

CECI: It seems as if there was never any fear. The source of strength comes from?

EH: The lack of viciousness on people’s faces during our debut stage often comes to mind. Even now we are also often feeling hungry and thirsty. But I guess this is basic instinct. (Laughs)

LT: Manager hyung once said before our debut, “Work hard with your dreams in hand! If you are not satisfied it is because oneself is lacking. At the point of time where strength accumulates, wealth will also accompany, but accumulation of wealth is not a good direction to develop. Only push through with trust between the members, and it will become an even greater weapon at a certain time. So ever since debut I have always wanted to participate in volunteer services, even now with every album release I will think of what mentality I should have. Compared to accumulati g this (is even more important)

“This album, I have many people that I want to thank. To them, compared to a few words in the album’s Thanks To, I should meet them directly to express my feelings. Replacing my dreams this time, I left Thanks To for the children, who are watching me just like how I dreamt while watching HOT, for the friends who are working hard for their dreams, I am really thankful to you all.” by Shindong

“I hope that 10 years later my most beautiful self would be to grow into a handsome musical actor. Working together with other people, there is a part of myself that would dream of having different roles in every piece of work. Of course, if only all of this would be fulfilled at the same time when Super Junior’s name is continuing on.” by Sungmin

“The songs that I created are mostly from my personal experiences. The song this time is also the same. Anyone will meet a person that leaves them with only regrets. Listening to this song that tells my story, I feel that I have become more mature. For change, towards myself or work, I feel that I need more experience at people relationships.” by Donghae

“We are now at a certain position, we still have a long way to go. Saying something like this seems a little hypocritical, but we have only climbed to the top of Hallasan at most (mountain in North Korea, 1950m), we still have to climb towards the top of even higher places like Baekdu Mountain and Mount Everest. Compared to having the thought of “doing well”, I have more of the thoughts “I have no regrets towards activities”. Compared to having having numerical records, this time I put more importance on how much of this sort of self-inspection I should put in.” by Yesung

“Since my debut, every month I will reorganize my fan website’s threads. I hope that my fans will not only share their happiest times with me, it would be good if they could sincerely communicate with me when they are sad as well. So even to the smallest detail I hope that I can express my inner feelings to the greatest extent.” by Ryeowook

“I will not be obsessed. Popularity wise, for my ownself as well, I don’t wish to follow (trends). I guess that is not something that I can act upon, but only if I do well I will be like Earth, rotating by myself. Recently I have been feeling imbalanced, when my feelings are wavering, I will hope for someone to be by my side to hold on to me. My dream is to have someone saying “You’re back” when I am home. I wish to get married when I am about 30.” by Heechul

“I have already known Leeteuk hyung for about 10 years. At that time hyung was a second year student in high school, but he is now already 29. Just like Jungsu hyung who was in high school year 2, the other members are also becoming more and more handsome even though they’re getting older each year, and the first time I met them they were still in junior high school. Maknae Ryeowook who came in in high school year 3, to date he still seems like the maknae. We are just like unyielding childhood friends, watching the signs of age. Perhaps we will be like this forever.” by Eunhyuk

“Geniuses are unable to win against hard workers, hard workers are unable to win against passionate people, passionate people are unable to win against those who are sincere. We are working hard with passion and sincerity. Because of this moving force we are able to be where we are now. Our members are all worthy to be proud of.” by Leeteuk

“During the time of the musical “Three Musketeers”, I had little time to practice due to preparations for our album. But because this was a project that I had before, it seems that it was completed very successfully. Actually when I was performing with the others I was not very familiarized with everything, and felt a little tired, but it was good that my role fit me well. It was a role that was a little old fashioned but very fresh at the same time. There were a lot of similarities, so it is comfortable for me to act the part.” by Kyuhyun

“Compared to being happy, a person will have even deeper memories of people around them when they are sad. Not long ago my grandmother passed away. I wanted to let go of everything, it was a huge pressure on my mind. At that time the deepest impression was when I saw the wreath sent by my Chinese fansite ‘choisiwon.com’ when I was at the funeral. It made me feel very comforted. I had the feeling that the members and fans are all walking steadfastly with me through my life.” by Siwon

c r e d i t s ; Source: CECI Magazine Sept 2011 
Chinese Translation: 嘉敏 & 屎屎 from http://www.sjfamily.cn & http://www.sjfans.cn English Translation: milk.pudding @ SUPER-LEGACY.COM TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS AND WITHOUT EDITING. DO NOT CREDIT YOURSELF!!!


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