110823 Shim Shim Tapa – Heechul Cut Transcript


SD: Shindong
PGY: Park Gyuri
HC: Heechul


M&D- Close Ur Mouth Song

SD: This is Shindong and Park Gyuri’s Shim Shim Tapa!
HC: What!
PGY: This is the broadcast.
SD: I’m sorry, this is broadcasting, please quiet down.
HC: Wow, your opening is like this…
SD: Who are you and where are you from?
HC: Hello, listeners! I’m the big space star Kim Heechul.
SD: We’re very happy to see you~
HC: Very happy to see all of you!
SD: Wait, why did your voice become lower?
PGY: It’s very low.
HC: What are you talking about~
SD: The truth, many people are shocked! They didn’t expect it.
HC: Yes.
SD: You haven’t even said anything and you’re leaving, where are you going. I’ve heard a lot of things, and truthfully, Heechul-ssi probably has things he wants to say too.
HC: Yes, I’m very grateful to Shim Shim Tapa’s Shindong and Park Gyuri, I knew that I could have just called. Honestly, around a month ago, I was thinking about enlisting in the army.
SD: Yes, we know that.
HC: I also talked a lot with my members, and told the company too. We’re in the middle of our promotions, and the things is that if I’m going to go, ah, I’m hoping to push it back a little more.
SD: Yes, no matter what we’re still in the middle of our promotions, and if you leave now it’ll be sad.
HC: But it doesn’t matter whether I push it back or not, as a man I should go serve in the army, and in all honesty I’ve already pushed it back a lot.
SD: Yes, it’s almost time.
HC: Yes, and I believe that when I come back I will continue to do well, I had decided to go and originally- Shindong-ssi you know this- originally I was just going to secretly go and not tell anyone, since Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, and Shindong are still here, but then today became ‘Heechul Oppa Is Enlisting In The army’ day and I had to say it.
SD: Actually we weren’t planning to say anything at all, even the manager said “Heechul-ah, did you really not tell anyone”.
HC: A while back, many reporters were asking me, so I decided to reveal it today.
PGY: Many listeners are very curious, actually.
SD: 7789 asks, when did you decide to go to the army, asking questions like this.
HC: Ah, it’s time to read the messsages.
PGY: 7185 says, the rest of the members will send you off, right?
HC: Ah, talking about this, ah, let’s just not do that. No matter what, because you can see the members 4 weeks later, if we all go it’ll be going a bit overboard, I’ve said this before. But the dongsaengs still said, we have to go, we have to go. So now the situation is, since I’ve already told everyone, it’ll be weird if they don’t go, so we’re not sure of what to do.
SD: Of course we’re going to go, but Heechul, it’s actually like this: on September 2nd, we have to go to Japan.
PGY: Ah, really?
SD: Yes, we have to go perform at SM Town, and because we were preparing for this we were very tired, and so we were planning to just stay in Seoul, have dinner, say our goodbyes, practice, and not go. But how can our members act like this?
PGY: That’s right.
SD: On this topic, ah, this is Jungmo and Lee Hyun’s part.
HC: Lee Hyun?
SD: Jungmo-ssi and Lee Hyun-ssi.
HC: Lee Hyun-ah~
SD: Yes yes, Lee Hyun can hear you, so go ahead and talk.
HC: Love comes and goes~
PGY: Now are you worrying about what to do?
SD: Hurry up and hang up, you’re making this confusing.
HC: What are you talking about, more people are listening to the show because of me.
SD: And you’re thinking about helping us a bit more. Now let’s look at more questions from the listeners.
Listener: When you go to the army it’ll be easier for you if you bring along signatures of girl idols. Whose will you bring?
HC: Actually, at home I have miss A’s and Sulli’s, they’re all cute, saying that they want to go visit me and stuff, so I don’t know; even wanting to write letters, saying things like that, but I’m thinking that it’s not okay and that I’m going to get yelled at.
SD: Why?
HC: If they all come, I still have to do volunteer work, if I get yelled at even like that, then I’ll be yelled at a lot outside too.
SD: It’s time for you to go the army, not time for you to get yelled at.
HC: Us celebrities are like this, we always get yelled at.
SD: It’s like that, it’s like that.
Listener: Heechul oppa, you’re going into the army now, do you still feel that you’re popular?
SD: Ah, that’s a scary question.
HC: For me, I don’t really want to keep my popularity.
SD: Is that so.
HC: This morning in an interview, I said that I wanted to keep a rookie mindset, and I’m going to delete my Twitter before I leave, and honestly I’ve kind of been wavering about that too.
SD: No matter what, our Heechul-ssi, he really likes to communicate with his fans, yes, and obviously that’ll make him look extremely cool, but in all honesty many people are wishing for him to return healthily, like a man, and of course the most important thing is his own decision. That’s what a lot of people think. Lastly, even though it’s not the end, but this is Shim Shim Tapa’s last goodbye. The last goodbye, please.
HC: Ah, it’s so sudden, it’s like Kim Heechul’s leaving, it’s announced beforehand, even though many people are still extremely new, it’s not like I’m not going to continue being part of the Hallyu wave when I come back, we’ll meet again after 2 years, and we’ll all be grown up and mature, I’ll definitely come back. Thank you everyone.
SD: Are you saying things like this just to sound deep…
HC: I cut my hair today.
SD: What?! Short?!
HC: Ah no, not like the haircut for entering the army.
PGY: Wow, that shocked me.
HC: I cut it shorter today. Actually lately I haven’t been saying a lot, and read a lot of peoples’ opinions on Twitter, before I wouldn’t do that. So this time I’ll just do it once, because someone wanted to see me cut it short, and I listened, and gave it a try, the hairstyle is extremely cute~ It’s completely cute.
SD: Of course this is Kim Heechul.
PGY: Thank you.
SD: Before I was still worrying. I was thinking about this, ‘ah, having to enlist in the army, will it be difficult’. After hearing these words, of course Kim Heechul’s heart is very light. It’s a blessing to have him.
HC: Thank you, Shindong who had double eyelid surgery~
PGY: You’ve got a good sense of humor.
SD: Thank you, we can have a breath of fresh air now, our members. We’re thankful to Kim Heechul. Next is our time with Jungmo and Lee Hyun. Heechul hyung, you did well, thanks.
PGY: Thank you.
HC: Thank you.

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Source: heehome.5d6d.com | English Translation: giraffesque @ SPL
Shared by giraffesque @ SUPER-LEGACY.COM

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