[Trans] 110823 Siwon and Kyuhyuk Twitter conversation updates

1. @siwon407 조규현 – 7년간의 사랑! 참 애절하면서 오늘같은 가을날씨와 잘 어울리는곡.. 원곡도 너무 좋지만 규현이 또한 자기만의 스타일로 잘 소화시킨곡, 감정이 와닿고 느껴지는 곡이다.

Trans:  @siwon407 Cho Kyuhyun – 7 years of love! A song that’s so yearning and also so fitting to an autumn winter like today.. The original song is really good as well but it’s a song that Kyuhyun also managed to make it his own with his style, and it’s a song that I can feel the emotions from.(trans by @SJ_matket)


2.  @GaemGyu : @siwon407 영광입니다 최시원님

Trans:  @GaemGyu : @siwon407 It’s an honour, Choi Siwon-nim.(trans by @SJ_matket)


3. @siwon407 :   @GaemGyu  제가 영광이죠. 좋은추억 만들어주셔서 감사하네요. 기유~~~~

Trans: @siwon407 :   @GaemGyu It’s an honour to me. I thank you for providing me with a good memory. Gy~uuuuu~~~~.(trans by @SJ_matket)

Credits: welovechoisiwon

Shared by: Fid @ sjcouples


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