110810 Sukira Transcript (Donghae’s phonecall)

[Transcript] 110810 Sukira (Donghae’s call~)

Hee: Donghae-shi is listening to radio right now. Let’s see once

Teuk: Ohh okok let’s try connect to Donghae

(Donghae on the phone singing so weirdly =.=)

Leeteuk: Donghae-shi you’re voice is at broadcast.

Teuk: Donghae-shi!

Donghae: yes, yes

Teuk: Donghae shi how come you called in?

Donghae: Ah really, i’m listening to radio right now

Teuk: Do you want to come right?

Donghae: I really wanted to go but…

EunTeuk: Yeah and then?

Donghae: Heechul shi.. what are you doing there?

Heechul: Ah just… I just want to be with Eunhyuk and Leeteuk. WOOOOOOHHHH!!!

Teuk: Donghae-shi, did you eat your meal? (점심 드세요?)

Donghae: (could not catch what he said)

Teuk: Donghae-shi, will you come in 5 minutes if this is over?

Donghae: Ah did you say 5 oppas?

(everyone laugh)

Eunhyuk: (Not thinking of politeness when on broadcast and just simply talking to Donghae in informal way) Ah what is that, you sound like a fool.

CR: @mimilovemicky VIA @13elieveSG


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