‘Radio Star’ PD confirms Kim Heechul will be leaving the show for army duties

Earlier, allkpop broke the news that Super Junior’s Kim Heechul planned to enlist for his active military duties on September 1st. The PD for MBC’s “Golden Fishery” program has just confirmed that Kim Heechul will indeed be leaving his MC position on ‘Radio Star‘.

On August 22nd, ‘Golden Fishery’ PD Park Jung Gyu stated, “Kim Heechul will be leaving ‘Radio Star’ because of his military enlistment. He is trying to achieve a successful conclusion up to the very end.

Park PD added, “During his time here, Kim Heechul worked well with the other MCs, and because he is a young MC, he brought a youthful atmosphere to the ‘Radio Star’ program. It’s unfortunate he is leaving, but until the very last recording, we will be working towards concluding successfully“.

Kim Heechul first joined the program in December of 2010, and has been working with  Kim Gook Jin,Kim Gura, and Yoon Jong Shin. On August 17th, Kim Heechul participated in ‘Radio Star’s 200th episode recording, and has another recording left for the 24th. Currently, his successor for the MC position remains undecided.

The idol will check in for basic training at Choongnam, Noksan for four weeks before embarking on his 23 months of mandatory military service.

Representatives from SM Entertainment stated, “Super Junior is gaining huge global popularity, and so Kim Heechul’s enlistment will attract a lot of interest from both domestic and foreign media outlets, as well as from fans. But because Kim Heechul wants to enlist quietly, we have decided that no specific event will be taking place.

Meanwhile, Kim Heechul is currently in the midst of promoting Super Junior’s 5th full-length album, “Mr. Simple“.

Source + Photo: Star News
credit: exceptlove @ allkpop
Shared by: Haziqah @ sjcouples 


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