110807 SG Newspaper (联合晚报) World Tour Concert Before Enlistment; SJ To Come To Singapore For A Concert Again.

[Rough Translation based on Part of Article]
Korean Boyband “Super Junior” announced that they will be holding Super Show 4 and Singapore is included in the schedule.

Super Junior (SJ) released their 5th Album “Mr Simple” on 4th August and during the press conference in Seoul, they revealed that they will be holding their concert tour. As members, Leeteuk & Heechul are enlisting into army, it was said that 5th Album and the concert tour will be the last schedule before a temporary disbandment of SJ.

Leeteuk said that: “As we are going to be enlisted, we plan, not to only hold a Asia tour, but a world tour instead.”

He felt that serving the military is a must and responsiblity for every healthy Korean male citizen. Not showing any fear, he stated: “I hope that after serving the miliary, (we can) present (our) new album to everyone, please wait for me(us).”

Regarding the January SG SS3 Concert, Running Into the Sun (RITS) was willing to invest in the huge production fees to bring the boyband for a 2-night concert in Singapore. RITS expressed that they are now in the midst of a discussion to bring SS4 to Singapore. Curerntly they are at the stage of finalising the details.

*Rest of the article was about the new album, new images and MV shooting process.*

Credits: Singapore Newspaper – 联合晚报 (Lian He Wan Bao, 070811, Saturday)
Translated by: Super Junior Pearl Blue Singapore
*Please take out in full & do not add in your own credits*
*Do not remove the logo/edit the images*

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