Kim Heechul Chocoball’s gathering, exposing Lee Hongki’s embarrassing stories

Super Junior member Kim Heechul had recently revealed on a broadcast an embarrassing incident which happened after Lee Hongki got drunk.

On the 1st of August, Kim Heechul and showbiz’s secret group Chocoball’s1 members have recorded a special episode of MBC TV’s <<Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Won Hee’s Come To Play>>. (During that episode), Heechul made shocking revelations of his members’ interesting stories which attracted much attention from the audiences.

Kim Heechul revealed: “Lee Hongki often shares his feelings with me and this made me feel very happy”, he continued saying: “there was once when Hongki got drunk, I was there urging him to go back, but he unexpectedly said “let me go” and shook off my hand”. Kim Heechul said that he was very angry at that time and lashed out saying: “Who did you learn to act like that from?”, who would have imagined Lee Hongki to answer back saying: “I learned it from you.” This caused all the audiences to burst out into laughter.

Kim Heechul, Lee Hongki and the other members of the secret group <<Chocoball>> are men who become more and more attractive as you observe them, all members are of AB blood type, and apart from the two of them, (Chocoball) is made up of Simon D, Kim Jungmo, SHINee’s Jonghyun, EPIK HIGH’s member Mithra and others.

1 Original article wrote Jjokoball; Chocoball is Heechul’s group of close friends who all have AB blood group

SOURCE: | TV Daily


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