SHINee and SNSD may hold concerts in Singapore?

After Running Into The Sun (RITS) hold a concert for Super Junior at the beginning of this year, the boss of its mother company Fly Entertainment, Hong Ai Ling, announced that they will hold other conerts for the k-pop stars in the second half of the year.

A reporter talked to Xie Min, the person in charge of RITS, she mentioned that the company is discussing with Super Junior’s agency, SMEntertainment, the concert will be held in between October 2011 to Feburary 2012. When the reporter asked about the guests of the concert and mentioned SHINee and SNSD. Xie Min said, “Maybe Super Junior, or all of them.”

But Hong Ai Ling posted on her personal Twitter on July 3, 2011, the guests who will come to Singaport to hold a concert soon start with an S. She also announced that at the end of the year, she planned to invite and other team of kpop idols to Singapore for another concert. And the team is also started with an S.

By the two statement above, SJ had been to Singapore at the beginning of the year, and SHINee had held their first concert “The SHINee World” last year, plus SNSD will be holding their concerts “2011 Girl’s Generation Tour” on July 23rd and 24th. As Hong Ai Ling announced, the kpop idols who are confirmed to hold concert in Singapore starting with an S, are possibly to be SHINee or SNSD. Or maybe Super Junior will hold their last concert before the members join the army.

Credits to:
Translated by: Winnie @HCholic_Winni
Shared by: Fid @ sjcouples



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