Leeteuk’s twitter updates

http://twitvid.com/VNBMF – Kiss the rain 내 느낌대로~^^비고 많이오고 피아노 소리가 이런날잘맞는서 같아^^
http://twitvid.com/VNBMF – Kiss the rain The feeling from deep down of my heart~^^ The sound of piano is so suitable in such kind of rainy days^^

► 너무나도 멋지고 좋은기사 감사합니다!!!!^^ http://yfrog.com/gzoziodj http://yfrog.com/h327974786j



► To the cameraman who took these pictures of me handsomely (,) Thank you so much!!!!^^ http://yfrog.com/gzoziodj http://yfrog.com/h327974786j

► Teukbar.parkjungsu.com.angelleeteuk.spotlight.leeteukfan.e-teuk.net 더 이특그리고 World E.L.F.전세계에서큰 사랑을주시는분들감사드립니다..전 너무행복하고복받은 사람입니다사랑합니다♥ 
► Teukbar.parkjungsu.com.angelleeteuk.spotlight.leeteukfan.e-teuk.net and World E.L.F. and to everybody all over the world who have given us a lot of love (,) Thank you..I’m really a happy guy (,) I love you all♥

► 혹 빠진 분들이 계시다면 죄송하구요^^;; 이글을 보고 있는 바로 당신!!! 그대들에게 감사합니다!!!!! 
► If there’s anyone who’ve been left out I’m really sorry^^;; To the you who’s looking at this!!! I’m really thankful to the you like this!!!!!

Source: Leeteuk’s twitter
Chinese translation by: 瑤 @ Teuk Bar
English translation by SGSJELFs and Supershowsg



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