Super Junior-M to release Japanese version of “Perfection”

As a follow up to Super Junior’s success in Japan with the release of the Japanese version of “Bonamana,” as well as the buzz generated by Super Junior-M’s release of “Perfection” in both Korean and Mandarin, Super Junior-M is now set to release the Japanese version of “Perfection” on August 24th!

The mini-album will feature the Japanese version of “Perfection” and “Destiny,” as well as other songs. It is expected that there will be two different versions of the mini-album – a CD only version as well as a CD-DVD version. Aside from “Perfection” and “Destiny,” plus other unannounced songs, the CD only version will include a bonus track and production footage, while the CD-DVD version will include behind-the-scenes footage of Super Junior-M’s activities in Taiwan. Both versions will include a photo card, randomly selected from a set of 9.

What do you think of the increased activities for Super Junior and Super Junior-M in Japan?



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