[Arirang] 110601SJ-M Members’ Description of Each Other

The following is a partial transcript of SJ-M members’ description of one another. The order was based on how they stood/sat beside each other.

QUESTION: If you could tell us the perfect qualities of the members?

Zhoumi (about Donghae): Donghae-sshi is good in acting. Handsome, like me. (Laughed afterwards)

Donghae (about Eunhyuk): When we’re on stage and Eunhyuk’s not there, the performance does not click. Also in variety programs, I think the whole thing would be edited if Eunhyuk’s not there. (Eunhyuk nudges Donghae too strongly because he’s shy.)
Donghae (to Eunhyuk): Oh, why are you doing this?
Donghae: I’m sorry. I’ll stop now. Also, in my opinion, Eunhyuk is really handsome.
Eunhyuk: It’s a real subjective point of view. (Others laughed)

Eunhyuk (about Siwon): This guy is a very attractive man, who wants me to give up my life to have everything that he does. I think he is the perfect man, and all women would definitely want to fall in love into Siwon’s attractive qualities. (Siwon bowed his head and thanked Hyukjae)
Donghae: He’s full of attractive traits.
Ryeowook (agrees): Too attractive traits.

Siwon (about Kyuhyun): I sometimes wonder what it would be like if I was born a woman.
Eunhyuk: Siwon?
Siwon: Yes.
Siwon: That’s how much…I think that because we sometimes talk before sleeping. (Kyu and Siwon were roommates in Taiwan). Kyuhyun’s sensual voice. Money’s not an issue if I could fall asleep listening to that voice.
Eunhyuk: That’s right.

Kyuhyun (about Ryeowook): Ryeowook concentrates on one thing very well and tries really hard.
Sungmin: Ah, that’s right.

Ryeowook (about Henry): Henry’s cute
Eunhyuk: Aigoo.
Ryeowook: But he’s cute yet gorgeous. He sings, dances, and composes amazingly well, and…
Sungmin: And plays the violin, right?
Ryeowook: He’s good in violin, and…
Kyuhyun: Henry’s biggest advantage is that he’s young!
Others: Ah!
Sungmin: Oh, I envy him!

Henry (about Sungmin): Sungmin hyung’s handsome, talented, but aside from all that, he’s perfect in making those around him relax.
Sungmin: Aaaah.
Kyuhyun: He’s got a great personality. (Ryeowook repeated what Kyu said)
Henry: (with thumb’s up sign) Perfect!

Sungmin (about Zhoumi): Zhoumi-sshi’s someone who’s infallible to Super Junior M. He’s perfect in Chinese, that makes him a perfect man.
Ryeowook (claps): Ah! Ok!
Sungmin: But the song which he wrote was in this album, and I like him because he is very talented.
Kyuhyun: Zhoumi-sshi’s biggest advantage is that he’s tall.
Sungmin: Ah, of course. He’s got long legs.
Sungmin (jokingly said to Zhoumi): Did you have to stand next to me? (Others laughed)
Zhoumi: I’m sorry. (Walked backwards)
Sungmin: Yes, stay there. Thank you.
Sungmin: Now I look better right? (Zhoumi laughing at the back)

translations by: teepee @ SJ-WORLD.net
Shared by: Haziqah @ sjcouples


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