[Transcript] Immortal Song 2: Jongwoon’s moving but heartbreaking trainee story

Kim Jongwoon’s trainee memories: When I had just entered the company, there were already more than 100 trainees, so the competition was very fierce. After two or three months I left the company; I felt I was too tired, and would go to do my military service. I didn’t know when I could debut. I told the company I planned to go to the army. On the way back to Cheonan DBSK called, and said they had a performance in Cheonan. I went to see them. I stood in front of the stage and watched their performance. At that time my younger brother called, and asked me if I was in Seoul or not, and I said I was in Cheonan. He said he and our parents were standing in front of me, and so I should turn and see them. Then I turned my head, and saw my family were all there. My parents were continuously crying. Friends with whom I had trained together were already performing so outstandingly, and I stood below them watching them. My parents were definitely heartached. Looking at them crying, I decided I wanted to be a singer once again. Thankyou, Dad and Mom.

Korean -> Chinese: 昂Bolero
Chinese -> English: Kata1bates @ twitter.com/variYEty


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