Suju Kim Heechul’s Manner Hands “His manners are like of a Space Big Star”

In the picture, Kim Heechul is pretending to put his hand on Shim Eunkyung’s shoulder. In the picture with Kim Wansun, he is doing a peace sign, but is not actually touching her shoulder.

Kim Heechul’s manner hands were also seen with Kang Jiyoung. Kim Heechul is posing with Kang Jiyoung, and not actually putting his hands on her shoulder. Even in the picture with Kim Saerom, he is only doing a peace sign on top of her shoulder and not actually touching her.

Netizens who came across Kim Heechul’s manner hands pictures commented, “Space Big Star’s manner is like Space Big Star.”, “I can feel the respect and manners from one picture.”, “This is what’s called insane manner hand.”, “There are variety of ways of doing manner hands.”, “He has humor and manners.” etc.

*Manner hands is when the man does not actually touch the woman as manner and respect.

Source: newsen 
Translated by Jee (


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