SJ Shindong’s sister revealed, close resemblance in appearance with variety skills on par with those of her brother’s

Super Junior member Shindong’s sister was revealed on a TV programme for the first time.

During SBS TV’s special episode of Strong Heart which aired on the 14th of June, Shindong and his sister, who both have good variety sense, made public numerous interesting stories of their household, attracting much attention from viewers.

Shindong, who has always been thought to be an only child, made a shocking revelation: “I actually have a younger sister who is currently in her first year of middle school. She lives with my mother (who has separated from the family) and follows her surname; my sister’s name is Ahn Da Young. Everytime she phones me, she would call me oppa with a very excited voice, she’s very cute. Before I debuted, I often visited my mother’s place, and it is through that experience that we both became more familiar with each other. I once told her that if she managed to obtain 100 marks in her exams, I would buy her a computer. Not long after that, my mother called me one day and told me that Da Young had scored 100 marks in all her papers. With that, I immediately bought her a computer. In the end, I found out that she didn’t really score 100 marks as there were still 2 or 3 mistakes.” This caused the audience to burst into laughter.

Shindong’s sister is actually an ardent fan of BEAST, Shindong expressed: “She’d always say she misses me and she loves me, but once she sees BEAST, it’s a different expression altogether. She is a fan of BEAST.” He continued saying that he had once bought BEAST’s concert tickets as a present for his sister, completely potraying the image of a good older brother.

Shindong revealed that he had in fact considered for a long time before he decided to make public the fact that he has a sister, because “I have previously said that I am an only child and there was no way to reverse what has been said. To not allow my teen sister to call me brother, I don’t want her to get hurt.”

It seems that the ability to entertain can indeed be inherited. Da Young expressed that she once told her friend: “[My brother and I] have different surnames owing to the fact that my brother wanted to be an artist and as a result had gone to court to officially change his surname”, and the audience couldn’t help but laugh after hearing what she said. When Da Young heard everyone say that she resembles her brother, she immediately disagreed, causing all the guests to laugh heartily. Lastly, she went on stage and gave Shindong an intimate embrace, causing many to be envious of this close sibling relationship.

In addition to that, when the MC asked Da Young “Who do you like best among U-Know Yunho, Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Seung Gi and Junho” she replied “BEAST” without hesitation, and also said “I really want to hug Lee Gi Kwang.”



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