Leeteuk to cameo in “All My Love” as an ultra-nerd


Super Junior’s Leeteuk will be making a cameo appearance on MBC’s daily sitcom, “All My Love“.

On June 10th, a short clip of Leeteuk’s acting was aired at the end of the 143rd episode, which saw the Super Junior star transform into a pathetic blind date for Yoon Seung Ah.

With his bowl cut and shabby training suit, Leeteuk perfected the look down to a T, and even made sure to stutter to complete the role.

Hilariously, Yoon Seung Ah grows fond of Leeteuk, which leads her father to invite him over for dinner. Unfortunately, he becomes appalled at how pathetic Leeteuk is and throws a fit.

Viewers left comments such as, “I can already tell that Leeteuk will be hilarious just from the preview video alone”, and “Definitely looking forward to it!”

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate

Credits to: Allkpop


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