Super Junior-M On Variety Big Brother

SJ-M’s Ryeowook, Henry, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun and Zhoumi went for the taping of CTV’s (China Television) “Variety Big Brother”. In the episode, they displayed their talents by singing Mandarin songs and performing martial arts, leaving the audience dumbfounded. For example, when Ryeowook sang Teresa Teng’s “I Only Care About You”, he did not look at the guiding lyrics at all. Also, Kyuhyun sang “New Endless Love”, while Eunhyuk danced. Henry, on the other hand, played a violin and a piano to give an acoustic rendition of Wang Lee Hom’s “Juliet”. Zhoumi sang a Taiwanese song, “Dearest Kin”.

Host Fei Ge also attempted to match-make on the show, by introducing models Li Yi and Jing Nan to Ryeowook, but Ryeowook immediately said “Thank you, but I like Fei Ge better!”. SJ-M is so welcomed by everyone that Fei Ge felt that it would be difficult for them to get a girlfriend. However, Kyuhyun said that he was OK with girls he meets at work, but if he had a girlfriend secretly, it would be a secret that could not be told.

Source: Netease
Shared by chunny觅
Translation: ≈ tiηg♡ @


Credits to: xinlady @ icepluscoffee
Shared by: Fidelia @ sjcouples


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