Heechul’s Photo Tweet 20110522 – With Sulli

@Heedictator: Heenim is the Space-Big-Star Sulli is the truth* if you say it twice it’s “nagging”, if you say it thrice it’s “village restaurant”, if you say it four times it will be “that’s what i told you”, if you say it five times it will be “all that written/stands on dogdrip”** as expected from Kim Hee Chul http://yfrog.com/h0egsrafj
*Heenim often play a word from Sulli’s real name, in Korean it means the truth
** again a play-word by Heechul, dogdrip might be dogdrip.net the Korean websites, it’s about random things

Translated by: yaoiraburu @ heechul-petals.com
Photo reuploaded by: xinlady (icepluscoffee.wordpress.com)

Shared by: Fid @ sjcouples


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