SJ-M’s Interview on e-Pop Magazine Issue No. 309 – From 110506

EP = e-Pop
SM = Sungmin
EH = Eunhyuk
ZM = Zhou Mi
DH = Doghae
SW = Siwon
RW = Ryeowook
KH = Kyuhyun
H = Henry

EP: There’s a difference between SJ-M’s image as compared to previously. What are your feelings towards the concept this time?
EH: This time we intend to display a manly image to everyone, so we spent a lot of effort in terms of the concept, and we’re also very pleased about the concept this time! Aside from that, each member also expressed their own opinions, so everyone’s very satisfied about the resulting effect!

EP: When SJ-M stands on stage you would exude even more charisma – do you agree with this statement?
ZM: Haha… I can only say that when the song was first released, perhaps everyone’s response weren’t that strong, but when we stand on the stage and perform the song, then it can add more marks towards the song. It’s different to listen to the CD and to watch the live performance. We feel that being able to interact with the fans on stage is a very blessed thing.

EP: Did Eunhyuk participate in (coming up with) the choreography of the song?
EH: Of course I participated~ However I didn’t come up with the whole choreography. A part of the choreography was done by a foreign choreographer, who then recorded the footage for us. I then watched the footage with a Korean choreographer, then discussed about the movements that required some alterations. The most important thing is to discuss with others!

EP: The new album contains the song that was a collaboration between Jay Chou and Fang Wenshan, “Love is Sweet”. How did this collaboration come about?
ZM: In SJ-M’s first album, we covered the song “At Least There’s Still You”. At that time, the members weren’t very familiar with Chinese music. But after two years of activities, the members are starting to have Chinese artists that they like, so we suggested to the company, and if it were possible, we would like to work with them (the Chinese artists). At the very beginning, we sang the song “Tong Hua/Fairytale” by Guang Liang during our fanmeeting, and actually we have approached Guang Liang before, asking him whether it was possible for him to write a song for SJ-M, but it’s a pity that he was busy with preparations for his new album at that time, and had a lot of schedules to attend to, so it fell through~ The company then approached Jay Chou, and thus we had this opportunity to work together!

EP: Is there a goal that you definitely must achieve?
EH: Actually I didn’t really set a specific goal~ Since I’ve rearranged all of my schedules in Korea and joined SJ-M, I only want to have more interactions with the fans all across Asia!

EP: Would Eunhyuk share about the interesting things you’ve experienced during the Asian promotions on KTR?
EH: At the moment, Yesung is taking over my place on KTR, when I return, I will definitely share the interesting things and unforgettable experiences with the Korean listeners!

EP: Eunhyuk has a very active involvement in the variety world in Korea, have you ever thought about being an MC in China or Taiwan as well?
EH: No no1~ Haha… Actually I’m interested in the variety sector of China as well, but because of the language barrier, and also because cracking lame jokes in Chinese seems very hard (that’s why I can’t do so), as every country has its different laughing points2~ Wait till I get myself used to this first, then I would definitely attempt to be a host on a Chinese variety programme! Hehe…

EP: The new album’s name is “Tai Wan Mei/Perfection”, do you have a certain aspect of yourself that you think is not perfect?
KH: I’ll go ahead first. Because I’m in charge of the main vocals in the group, so I would feel that my singing capabilities are not up to par. That’s why when I have the time, I would always practice singing, and when everyone thinks that my vocal skills are the best, then I would practice even more diligently!
H: I think that I’m not perfect in terms of appearance, because I can work hard on changing the other aspects (that I think is imperfect), only looks can’t be altered~
EH: I seem to be too skinny, if I can have a little more muscle, then it would be better~
SJ-M: How can you say this in front of Zhou Mi? 3
EH: Oh, I’m sorry, then I’ll need to modify my words, and just say that my body is imperfect~ Haha…
ZM: I’m the same as Kyuhyun, (as) I’m in charge of singing in the group. So just like what Kyuhyun said, I’ll need to improve more in terms of singing~ Aside from that it would be dancing; initially I wanted to dance more in the new album, but because the time allocated for album preparations were too short, so I can’t show it off perfectly~
RW: For me… (it’s because) I don’t have enough time to love the fans~
SW: Haha… you’re too cheesy~
DH: My imperfection is that I can’t get even more fans~
SW: Don’t you have enough?
DH: Haha… I’m just joking. I’m not too good in singing, dancing, acting skills, and sense~
RW: If you’re saying that, then what should the rest of us do? 4
DH: That’s why I’ve been working hard all this while~
KH: So what do you think you’re lacking in?
DH: I’m lacking in everything~ Haha…
SM: As for me…
EH: You’re lacking in your sense of humour~ But privately, Sungmin’s a really hilarious person, it’s just that during official performances on the stage, he would turn more serious!

EP: Eunhyuk’s figure isn’t that bad, didn’t you already expose yourself during your concert?
EH: Haha… I don’t really expose myself that frequently~ My body is the type that’s difficult to gain muscle mass, so in order to gain more muscle, I’m working hard~

EP: This time Eunhyuk and Sungmin have joined the group, what are you mainly in-charge of?
EH: Actually… in this group, everything that’s supposed to be done by the maknae, has been handed over to me and Sungmin hyung! For example pouring the tea and such, we would always have to do them, and we even have to give the members a massage! We really have to do everything~ (Sungmin keeps nodding by the side)
SJ-M: (Unanimously) We’ve been framed~ It’s not true~
KH: What? Massaging? It has never ever been done!
EH: Actually, we sneakily gave everyone a massage when the members were all sleeping, that’s why you have no recollections of it!
KH: We all sleep with our doors locked, so how did you come in? It’s too outrageous!
EH: Haha…

1 As in, the interviewer is flattering him too much.
2 i.e. every country would have different things that they think is funny/hilarious.
3 The boys are probably pointing out how Zhou Mi is skinnier than Eunhyuk, LOL.
4 Ryeowook’s implying that if Donghae’s not good in the aspects he talked about, then the rest of them are worse.

Source: e-Pop Magazine Issue No. 309
Scanned, Uploaded & Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Please take out with FULL and NO ADDITIONAL credits.
Do NOT hotlink image.

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