SJ : [TV Briefing] (5000 Questions), Enjoy it lightly

5-line Summary

For the question on how will Super Junior be able to receive love as idols even after 10 years, the 3 dominant answers came out. Be careful from scandals, make sure you are covered-up and in good disguise when meeting. Second, stop doing *4-dimensional actions. One way is getting Kim Heechul to go to a psychiatrist. Lastly, show more side of you as musicians. Leeteuk has sweet bass, Yesung singing wonderful ad-libs, Shindong’s great sense of rhythm and Heechul should honestly come out and answer the call of emotions.

Today’s Important note“Heechul-ssi please go to visit our hospital” – Psychiatrist Son Seok Han

The first episode of tvN <50 Million Big Questions> aired at midnight of May 7 where Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Yesung Kim Heechul and Shindong came out as guests. The main concept of the program is that people will ask questions about the stars, gather answers and then various experts will analyze the stars and find meaningful ways to solve the problem. If that doesn’t sound convincing, this program has specialists from the fields of Psychiatry, Music, Instinctive Behavior Columnist and Dating experts. Super Junior’s 4-dimentional actions was analyzed by having them draw a picture of a tree and a person and as a result of this test, Kim Heechul was asked to visit the hospital. Again, like that it was done and resolved. Accurate findings from the doctors, covering self up to avoid scandals and to be reborn as musicians be more free-feeling when it comes to singing. These points were presented and the ‘new analysis’ made through a light talk is what made the program different.

Best & Worst

Best: On Dating, for this test they were given this question: “Coming from a blind date where you liked the woman too, what will be the first message you will send her after separating?’ Leeteuk, Yesung and Shindong all gave answers similar to ‘Did you arrive (home) well?” however, Kim Heechul’s answer was ‘ke ke ke.’ Song Chang Min a Relationship Consulting Cafe operator said, “That shows how pro a person is when it comes to relationship” “No other words just a laughing message, that will be able to touch different emotions of a woman.” Second is, in the draw a tree psychological test, Kim Heechul drew a tree without fruits and anything else. The result is that he lives his life without having to worry on what will happen in the end. ‘Will act as if he is happy but inside he is seemingly lonely’. This image of Kim Heechul is strange but gave a good laugh. Best Scene.

Worst: Shindong’s gluttony is a result of lack of affection as a child. In Shindong’s tree drawing, there were fruits hanging until the bottom of the tree and it’s not just a tree but there are also the sun, clouds, birds, etc. There were these sorts of creatures. This was a representation of how he was scolded a lot during his childhood and this lack of affection resulted to his overeating. The solution ‘Meet an older woman to compensate mother’s love’ was suggested to Shindong. “Why is eating a 4-dimensional action” he said loudly. To hear such sad deeper meaning about it, to Shindong and his fans as well, this result is too depressing. Worst.

Source: 10asia
Krn to Eng translation: 특ģeиeŗατioи© @


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