110507 Super Junior About arrival in Vietnam + rehearsal

“Overwhelmed” by the super image of Super Show 3 rehearsal
Indeed, there has never before been a stage so unbelievable in Vietnam

Yesterday (06/05), the youths of Saigon* were in excitement from 11AM all the way until late at night, roaming from Tân Sơn Nhất airport(to) Super Junior’s hotel (to) Gò Đậu Stadium (in Bình Dương) only in order to see their idols with their own eyes.

(Super Junior) arrived in Vietnam in two groups, the first, consisting of the four men Lee Teuk, Hee Chul, Ye Sung, (and) Shin Dong, arrived at Tân Sơn Nhất airport at 2:40PM. These four men had secretly left the airport through the VIP area, then traveled to the InterContinetnal hotel to rest. The second group, including Si Won, Eun Hyuk, Kyu Hyun, Henry Lau, Zhoumi, Dong Hae, Ryeo Wook, (and) Sung Min, landed at 4:20PM, (and) headed straight to Gò Đậu Stadium – Bình Dương. The full “gathering” of Super Junior for rehearsal will take place tonight (07/05).

Seeming to have learned from (last time’s) greeting event of Super Junior (when they) came to Hà Nội in March 2010, the ELF of SuJu’s fanclub had been very agreeable and cooperative with the organizers. Chanting Super Junior’s name, always lining up properly, and preserving the safety of their idols, (they) had shown to other international fans the true nature of Viet fans.

With an intricately-organized program, leaving no mistakes, Super Junior members seemed to have gotten the best treatment possible.(With) the plan to open the road* in order to keep pace with the schedule, the surrounding (area) is enclosed with tight security, (and Super Junior’s) area is considered a “restricted” zone.

After many tries, we had been able to be admitted into (Super Junior’s) rehearsal. Even though the stage was not 100% completed and the members were fairly tired, everyone still put in great effort so that the rehearsal could be conducted smoothly, and the amazing stage could not be described by words. In order to preserve the surprise and excitement, security was placed everywhere and, for the most part, there was not a single crack left open for any observation of this popular idol group.

Before rehearsing, the members quickly warmed up with a game of soccer in the stadium. After that, all the hits were revealed on stage along with backup dancers and intricate props. Indeed, it will be no surprise that the fans will be completely satisfied by the concert.

After the rehearsal had ended, the members and all the staff quickly went back to the hotel to rest. Only Hee Chul (and) Shin Dong seemed to go “sneakily*” explore Vietnam.

Furthermore, Vietnamese fans are currently “exalted” because they had read Dong Hae’s tweet* before he went to the airport, not only that, but this adorable boy also took a picture… of his plane ticket.

Also, the Chinese boy Henry Lau observed: “So many fruits here in Vietnam! Wow so FRESH! YES YES! Thanks 2 all the fans who came out to welcome us! Cya tomorrow! U guys are awesome.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

*Another name for Ho Chi Minh City, where SS3 Vietnam is being held at.
*Not entirely sure, but I guess to clear the roads so that there’s not traffic jams?
*Not in a bad way. x) Probably just means they don’t want to be recognized.
*This one

Source: afamily.vn
Translated by: Sessasha @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Take out with full proper credits. No additional credits.


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