SJ-M remains mysterious and blocks out media, black cloth used to surround filming site

SJ-M remains mysterious and blocks out media, black cloth used to surround filming location

On 2nd May’s recording of CTS1’s <Golden Stage>, even though there were three hosts, namely Patty Hou, Vincent Liang and Ah Ken, their formation failed to win over Super Junior-M (SJ-M)’s momentum. Black cloth was hung on both sides of the dressing room in order prevent the area to be seen, and there were three security guards guarding within 15 meters of the area. The moment SJ-M entered the set, the media were asked to clear away from the area, whereby the program would issue the interview, but (the reporters) were not allowed to watch recording session of the interview. CTS revealed that it was suggested by the Korean manager.

Ah Ken jokingly said that he needs to fight for chances to express himself, as he is afraid to be replaced by SJ-M. He also mentioned that he is very careful in terms of calling out all the members’ names, otherwise the fans might cause a ‘riot’.

Patty Hou, who did an interview with SJ-M recently, has a good relationship with the members. She even said that because of them, she didn’t even go for her honeymoon2. Sungmin appointed Patty Hou to feed him with sashimi and Ryeowook wanted to have an arm-cross toast3 with Patty Hou using mango ice. This caused ‘jealousy’ to arise between both the members.

Note: <Golden Stage> is a new program and SJ-M is the first guest for the show.
*parts not related to SJ-M were not translated.

1 CTS = Chinese Television System
2 Patty Hou just got married recently.
3 Similar to how Chinese drink from nuptial cups during wedding day, just that the wine was replaced by mango ice in the context here.

Source: Yahoo Taiwan News
Translated by xpɪʟʟowx @
Please take out with FULL and PROPER credits.


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