Heechul Is Not Good At Impersonating?

On the May 5 episode of “The Starry Night with Memories,” emceed by Ryu Si-won, Lee Gyeong-sil, Lee Hong-ryeol and Kim Hee-chul, Kim Hee-chul provoked laughter among people there and viewers as he burst out embarrassing laughing right after showing off a vocal mimicry.

The guests of that day consisted of Korea’s older-generation comedians, well known as masters of vocal mimicry, such as Nam Bo-won, Choi Byeong-seo, Kim Hak-do and An Yun-seong. That’s why Kim had the chance to impersonate the voices of some public figures including President Lee Myung-bak, Kim Dae-jung and famous Korean actor Lee Sun-jae.However, when his impersonating skill turned out to be poor enough to make anyone hardly recognize who’s mimicked, he burst out embarrassing laughter saying, “I’m sorry for my poor performance,” which rather made people laugh.

Meanwhile, the MBC entertainment show “The Starry Night with Memories” started with an original theme of inviting middle-aged stars to share with the audience the memories of their glory days and various episodes, but has failed to the viewers resulting in a poor result.

By Bae Eun-seol (idsoft3@reviewstar.net)
Source: Reviewstar (Original article in Korean)Translated by Geum Jae / Korea.com
posted in dkpopnews.net 

Credits: xinlady @ Icepluscoffee


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