Heechul shows support for A Pink

On May 3rd, Super Junior’s Heechul posed for a picture with junior girl group A Pink!

The star tweeted, “With A Pink. A Pink who participated in our ‘Youngstreet‘ together. They said it’s not the ‘crab dance’, but rather the ‘butterfly dance’. I memorized the [names of] sweet BomiNamjoo,EunjiNaeunYookyungHayoun, and Chorong. Agood~.”

In the accompanying photo, Heechul is surrounded by the A Pink members after wrapping up his radio program. After seeing the picture, Heechul’s friends showed jealousy over his job, leading the idol to reply, “I didn’t know a radio DJ could be this happy.”

Netizens commented, “I think they got close. I’m jealous”, “I want to receive attention from Heechul oppa”, “Everyone’s cute and charming“.

Heechul previously showed interest for the girls when he tweeted about them on April 24th.

Source: Newsen via Nate
Tip: AngelicaN

Credits: ramham424 @ Allkpop


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