20110524 Heechul In Strong Heart Preview

Strong Heart Preview 2011.05.24

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Super Junior-M holds fansign event in Taiwan, immense popularity gathers 4000 fans

Super Junior-M has held a fansign event in Taiwan on the 21st.

At 4pm of the 21st (of May), the fansign event, which was held at the 2nd floor’s Dream Plaza of the Hankyuu Deparmental Stores, is a special event held for the fans who have bought their new mini-album “Perfection” which was released in February. On that day, the fansign event has attracted more than 4000 events, and various major media agencies were also competing to cover (the event), showing Super Junior-M’s red hot popularity in Taiwan. In particular, although the temperatures were as high as 32ºC, but for the sake of seeing Super Junior-M, a large amount of fans still turned up at the event, allowing everyone to believe that Super Junior-M deserved to be selected as the most popular group in China.

On that day, Super Junior-M’s fluent Mandarin also received a sea of screams from the fans, and during the fansign event, they did not show any signs of being impatient. Rather, they were all smiles from the beginning to the end, greeting the fans and interacting with them in a friendly manner. Of course, they also performed two songs, “Destiny” and “Blue Tomorrow” live, causing the atmosphere of the venue to reach its climax.

The newly-repackaged “Perfection” which went on sale last (April) 29th, have occupied the first position on Taiwan’s CCR charts for two consecutive weeks for their (album) sales, and have also came in first on FIVE MUSIC, Guangnan, and various other music charts, triggering a Super Junior-M wave.

Source: Korea Star Daily
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Hankyung Is Present for Charity, Gengfans “Occupied” Alipay.com for 48 Hours

Living in Poor Regions” charity activity and call for public help and raise awareness of the education problems faced by these children who live in relatively developing regions.

“Sunflower Project” is jointly organized by Alipay.com and the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. They launched love.alipay.com. In addition to providing easy means for the public to participate in charity, they also encourage eco-friendly low-carbon ways to billing settlement. From May 9 to June 15, for every user who uses Alipay to settle water, electricity or gas costs, Alipay will donate one unit of electricity to the students living in the poor regions (equivalent to 0.56RMB).

Mainland China Popular King Han Geng’s star power is exceptionally shocking. A video clip of just about 30-second long has been re-tweeted more than 40,000 times. A vast majority of fans responded to participate. The donation page on Alipay.com is being “occupied” by Gengfans for an extended period of 48 hours.

Han Geng who was in a casual wear recorded the VCR during a short break at work. Han Geng’s popularity did not drop but soar since he’s gone solo apart from Super Junior. He has devoted more time to charity and set a positive and healthy image.

Artists participating in charity have become a trend. In the new era of charity business, doing charity via micro-blogging is receiving more and more attention from the public.

The publicity generated and promoted by the artists has attracted the attention of many kind users in a short period of time. According to data collected by Alipay, nearly 3,000 users participated in the project with a total donation of nearly RMB300,000.

source: Beijing Xinhua Net
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Super Junior-M On Variety Big Brother

SJ-M’s Ryeowook, Henry, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun and Zhoumi went for the taping of CTV’s (China Television) “Variety Big Brother”. In the episode, they displayed their talents by singing Mandarin songs and performing martial arts, leaving the audience dumbfounded. For example, when Ryeowook sang Teresa Teng’s “I Only Care About You”, he did not look at the guiding lyrics at all. Also, Kyuhyun sang “New Endless Love”, while Eunhyuk danced. Henry, on the other hand, played a violin and a piano to give an acoustic rendition of Wang Lee Hom’s “Juliet”. Zhoumi sang a Taiwanese song, “Dearest Kin”.

Host Fei Ge also attempted to match-make on the show, by introducing models Li Yi and Jing Nan to Ryeowook, but Ryeowook immediately said “Thank you, but I like Fei Ge better!”. SJ-M is so welcomed by everyone that Fei Ge felt that it would be difficult for them to get a girlfriend. However, Kyuhyun said that he was OK with girls he meets at work, but if he had a girlfriend secretly, it would be a secret that could not be told.

Source: Netease
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Heechul’s Photo Tweet 20110522 – With Sulli

@Heedictator: Heenim is the Space-Big-Star Sulli is the truth* if you say it twice it’s “nagging”, if you say it thrice it’s “village restaurant”, if you say it four times it will be “that’s what i told you”, if you say it five times it will be “all that written/stands on dogdrip”** as expected from Kim Hee Chul http://yfrog.com/h0egsrafj
*Heenim often play a word from Sulli’s real name, in Korean it means the truth
** again a play-word by Heechul, dogdrip might be dogdrip.net the Korean websites, it’s about random things

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