SM, to hold joint concert in September at Japan’s Tokyo Dome with a scale of 100,000 audiences

SM Entertainment will be holding the “SMTown Live” concert at Tokyo Dome on the coming 3-4th of September.

The concert, which was initially scheduled for 9-10th of April but was postponed due to the earthquake in Japan, will be held for two days in September, and about 100,000 audiences are expected (to watch the concert).

SM Entertainment predicted that “In addition to the ‘SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO’ which was held for two days on the 25th and 26th of January at the Yoyogi National Stadium, Tokyo, Japan, which had 24000 audiences in attendance, and exceeded 40000 ticket purchasers, seems that the reaction towards this time’s performance in Tokyo Dome will be even more fervent (than before).”

On the other hand, the joint concert “SMTown Live” between the artists under SM Entertainment has had successful performances in Seoul, Tokyo, LA and other places, and will also be having a performance on the coming 10th of June in Paris, France, showing off SM’s global brand power.

Source: OSEN
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Please take out with FULL and proper credits.


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