Performing in KIMCHI, Super Junior brings 2 additional personnels, Korean Idol Music Concert Hosted in Indonesia

Jakarta – Male group from Korea, Super Junior (SuJu) will juice up Korean Idols Music Concert Hosted in Indonesia (KIMCHI) on the upcoming June 4 at Istora Senaya, Jakarta. For this performance, SuJu will bring two additional personnels.

Henry and Zhoumi will be joining the other 10 members of SuJu. They are ready to form SJ-M which is the third sub-unit from SuJu. Originally, SJ-M was formed to target the music market in China.

“Henry and Zhoumi will be joining (SJ in Kimchi) ” said W Production’s Managing Director Sean Sudwikatmono in ‘KIMCHI 2011’ press conference at Planet Hollywood, Gatot Subroto, South Jakarta, on Thursday (4/28/2011)

Not only SJ-M, ‘KIMCHI 2011’ will also be enlivened with The Boss, X5, Girl’s Day and Park Jung Min. The show is planned to be started at 6PM (west Indonesia time). The Boss will be the opening performer.

Translated by: ♥~pinkninja @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Shared by: Roozu Trinity @SJ-WORLD.NET


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