Hangeng Exclusive Interview with Guangzhou Daily

“Used to want to get married by 30, now it’s impossible”

As one of the ex-members of popular Korean group Super Junior, Han Geng’s popularity after going solo kept on increasing instead of going down. Following a new album and a concert, the new movies “My Kingdom1” and “Founding of a Party2” also gives him the opportunity to foray into the silver screen (industry). The more popular a person the more gossips they’ll have, and the amount of negative news surrounding Han Geng all the time is not a small amount either, however it appears as though he is not affected by them. Recently, the reporters met Han Geng once again, and he who was showing off his dance skills to his heart’s content in front of the fans, became an adorable big boy when seated in front of the reporters instead. While receiving the exclusive interview from this newspaper, Han Geng said that when compared to singing, he has the same amount of interest towards acting, and he did not want to mention the sufferings that he had went through in the past, “it’ll be good if I just look towards the future”.

GZD = 广州日报/Guangzhou Daily
HG = Han Geng

Will feel dizzy sometimes while on stage

GZD: You appear to be extra energetic while on stage, are there times where you can’t hold on?

HG: Yes, sometimes I would feel dizzy while being on stage (laugh). This includes filming, before this while filming for “My Kingdom”, I was willing to give my all, and try doing everything, so the martial arts director Sammo Hung gave me a nickname, called “lively seafood”3, haha. In the end there were many scenes in the movie where I did not use a stunt-double, I did them all by myself.

GZD: Aside from “lively seafood”, you seem to have another nickname called “three-year-old”?

HG: Yes, it was given by my fans. They said that I would always do cute actions, and maybe because I’m rather pure and innocent, so they gave me such a nickname.

GZD: Whenever you make an appearance in public there would be a large number of fans following you. Inclusive of your endorsement for Jumei Products4, have you ever thought about the reason behind your immense popularity?

HG: I don’t know either (laugh), a lot of people said that my fans were all hired (by money), then my Gengfans joked with me, saying that I should hurry up and pay them.

GZD: There are evaluations on the internet saying that your marketing value has exceeded that of Sun Honglei and Vicki Zhao, do you know about it?

HG: Is this evaluation accurate? If it is then I’m really astonished. (GZD: What do you think is the most valuable part of yourself?) It’s not nice if I said this by myself, you have to ask the big boss who forks out the money (laugh).

GZD: There are a lot of celebrities who are managing their finances through “side occupations”, do you have plans in this area?

HG: Actually I would really like to do other things as well, but I’ll just take it slow, there’s no rush. The side occupation that I would like to do in the future should be interrelated with my specialty, such as dancing. (GZD: Heard that you have thought about opening a dance studio?) Yes, currently it’s still a thought, it’s in my mind, but did not really put it into action. (I’d like to) complete the jobs at hand well first, the time I have on my hands in the mean time is still rather inadequate.

Korean celebrities face immense pressure

GZD: You seem to be unwilling to bring up your lawsuit with SM Entertainment, although you have won the lawsuit in the end. Did you suffer a lot throughout the years that you were in Korea?

HG: Actually I have never intentionally avoided the subject, there are a lot of things which I’ve only kept in my heart, and would explode in an instant once it has been accumulated to a certain extent. Developing in Korea alone, I would be lying if I said it wasn’t difficult, but I feel that I can’t complain about anything. The experience I’ve gained from Korea has helped me a lot, and a large part of my achievements now has to be attributed to the experiences I’ve gained during that particular time.

GZD: It could be said that the suicidal rate amongst Korean celebrities is rather high, do you think that the pressure from the Korean entertainment circle is huge?

HG: The entertainment industry in Korea is very matured, and the companies also have elaborate plans, but Korean celebrities do suffer from immense pressure. This is the biggest reason for me to nullify my contract.

Feels that Big S and Xiao Fei are rather blessed

GZD: What’s your attitude towards negative news now?

HG: I would go online to read the newspapers everyday, and of course would come across negative news about myself. But I can’t be affected by anything now (laugh), since various types of news would surround me even though I’m just seated at home, then it would be best if I just don’t bother about it. I’m a very rational person, I would let go of things that I perceive as meaningless or fruitless.

GZD: There are a lot of people who would use the saying “kids from poor families would have to become breadwinners early” to describe you, what do you think?

HG: Perhaps it’s because I’ve led an independent life outside since I was young. I went to school in Beijing when I was 12, then headed to Shenzen, Beijing and then to Korea, I have the habit of solving everything by myself.

GZD: Prior to this you have been invited to attend the wedding ceremonies of Big S and Wang Xiao Fei5, how do you feel?

HG: I think that they are very blessed, even though there were some unpleasant episodes that had happened after the wedding ceremony, as long as their happy it’s good. (GZD: Then have you ever thought about getting married?) Me? Let’s talk again when I manage to find someone, haha. Used to want to get married around the age of 30, but I probably can’t fulfill it now, I’m too busy.

GZD: What’s your ideal other half like?

HG: Sincere, pure, quiet. I’ve had a 4-year relationship in the past, but we separated because I was too busy with my job. The other party is an ordinary girl, (and) she wanted a stable life. So I do not want to consider about relationships at the moment. I’ll wait until my career has really stabilised, and after I’ve fulfilled my own dreams, then I’ll search for my fated person. Right now I’m just like a small tree, even though I’m tall but I’m also very slender, I might topple over if the wind blows. I’m more than willing to be a very thick and very short tree stump, so I’m not thinking about getting married yet.

1 My Kingdom = 大武生/Da Wu Sheng
2 Founding of a Party = 建党伟业/Jian Dang Wei Ye
3 Meaning he’s very active and jumps everywhere.
4 Jumei Products = 聚美优品/ Ju Mei You Pin. It is China’s largest shopping website for women, and is also a website that sells make-up and skincare products.
5 Big S is the Taiwanese celebrity Barbie Hsu, and Wang Xiao Fei is her husband.

Source: NetEase Entertainment
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Please take out with FULL and PROPER credits.


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