SJM are treasures, Micky Huang offers 8-Treasure Congee

SJM are treasures, Micky Huang offers 8-Treasure Congee

Popular Korean group Super Junior-M who are currently in Taiwan for a long stay, recently appeared on Dong Feng’s “Let’s Be Friends”, MC Micky Huang offered them the 8-treasure congee* as an analogy of how the 8 members are all precious treasures in the fans’ hearts, causing the members to be very happy.

The extremely charismatic Super Junior-M showed off their talents during the programme; Eunhyuk who has excellent dancing skills showed the “rabbit dance” which he is an expert in, (while) Kyuhyun, who is working hard on improving his Chinese soulfully sang the classic Chinese song “New Endless Love”, and his accurate pronunciation and mesmerizing voice stunned all of the audiences.

Zhoumi then imitated Elva Hsiao’s “Miss Chic”, Henry, Donghae and Kyuhyun also went forward to accompany Zhoumi’s dance, the funny dance moves stirred the crowd to burst out into laughter.

Ryeowook and Siwon on the other hand respectively gave a piano performance and an improvisation with the drums, demonstrating their individual musical capabilities. As for Sungmin, who aspires to learn wushu in Taiwan, showed off a small segment using the nunchucks. His serious and engrossed expression caused him to somewhat have the aura and composure of a martial arts expert.

Micky Huang even specially prepared wooden planks which are usually used for Taekwando practices. He initially thought that Siwon, who has a level 4 black belt in Taekwando, would be representing his members to take up the challenge, but instead he pointed to Kyuhyun who was seated behind him, saying “I send my most powerful student”. Micky could not help but comment that, “Siwon’s Chinese has improved to the extent where he can actually set up another member.”

Donghae on the other hand “played tricks” and with that Kyuhyun was up to the crowd’s expectation to break the prepared wooden planks. At this moment, the members started to request for Micky to try it out, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t break the plank that Donghae was holding, causing him to feel angry and funny at the same time.

As for the “YES OR NO” game, Henry and Donghae were unlucky as they chose the “bitter set meal” which consists of the bitter gourd and bitter tea. Donghae who insisted on saying that the bitter gourd tasted delicious immediately responded with “this is outrageous” when Micky asked him to take another bite, causing Micky to be surprised with his advanced level of Chinese.

*usually consist of glutinous rice, barley, red beans, red dates, dried lotus seeds, mung beans, dried lily bulb, tangerine peel and dried longan

SOURCE: The Liberty Times
EDITED BY: eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET


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