Queuing since 3am only for SuJu, Article on KIMCHI event in Indonesia

Super Junior’s (SuJu) magic is tremendous. For the sake of watching this Korean boyband, hundreds of teenagers were willing to queue up at Grand Indonesia since the dawn on Sunday (17/4).

They wished to get the Tribune 2 ticket which costs 550000 IDR. But some of them had to accept the disappointment because the cheapest tickets were sold out soon after the stands opened at 10am. As scheduled, SuJu itself will perform on the upcoming June 4th.

Desty, one of the fans from Kalibata was one of the fans who was disappointed, because she couldn’t get the ticket she wished for. “(I) have been queuing since 7am, (and) I couldn’t get a ticket. I want the Tribune 2 which is 550000 IDR. I left home at 5:30am, (but) apparently there were people who slept on the parking field since 3am. The event committee has given the queuing number. I thought that the ticket would start selling at 10am, but apparently at 10am (they) only had to pay,” she said, sighing.

Desty admitted that she liked the boyband SuJu because their voices are good. “Their dancing is also good. (They’re) also handsome. Since elementary school I liked to watch Korean film. When SuJu debuted, (I) liked them right away. Once I listened to them, (I) took note of the lyrics, listened frequently, and memorized them,” said the teen who admitted that she memorized 10 SuJu’s songs.

Tita who lived at Fatmawati area, also admitted that she was disappointed because she couldn’t get the ticket. “Actually (I) wanted to buy Tribune 2, but it has been sold out. The price of Tribune 1 ticket keeps changing, and the information on Internet is not very clear, so I’m confused,” she said.

Rina and four of her friends were lucky. “(We) put in great effort to get it. We’ve been queuing since the dawn, we now get the payment receipt, we only have to pay. If (we) can meet (them), (we) want to give them hats, ask for signatures, and also take pictures together,” she explained.

Super Junior or also known as SuJu/SJ is a Korean boyband which consists of 13 members, namely Leeteuk, Heechul, Han Geng, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryewook, Kibum, dan Kyuhyun.

They will be the main performer on the Korean Idols Music Concert Hosted in Indonesia (KIMCHI) event which will be held at Istora Senayan, on the upcoming June 4th 2011. The tickets are sold in various types, such as VIP (2500000 IDR), Festival 1 (2000000 IDR), Festival 2 (1500000 IDR), Tribune 1 (2000000 IDR), and Tribune 2 (550000 IDR).

According to Sean Sudwikatmono, W Production’s Managing Director, on the press conference of KIMCHI 2011, for fans from other cities, the promoter will provide online ticketing service. “The online tickets will be sold after the public sales, and hopefully they are not sold out yet”, he said.

The rapidly sold-out ticket can be a proof that K-Pop or the music from Korea have never had a lack of fans. Korean music has now become one of the well-loved genres other than Indonesian music and western music.

It is known that before this, K-Pop fans also have been waiting for Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu who are gathered together in JYJ. The tickets for the show at Sentul on April 9th have also been sold online. However the boyband’s management cancelled the concert in Indonesia in the end, with the reason that the promoter who brought them to Indonesia, Dreamcatcher Indonesia (DCI), was not very professional. Other than Indonesia, CJes Entertainment, who is JYJ’s management company also cancelled the concert in Singapore.

SuJu’s fan, Andinali Ridha Aminsha, who queued with Annisa Fitriani yesterday said (that) what she really wanted to be held in Indonesia was Super Show or Super Junior’s solo concert tour. Super Show is usually held yearly and takes place in various countries across Asia. Before this, the neighbouring countries like Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia have succeeded in bringing Super Junior (to their countries).

Super Junior debuted on November 6th 2005, and has succeeded in making history in both the Korean and Asian music industries.

Since their debut until early 2011, Super Junior has released 4 albums, namely Superjunior05 (Twins) which was released in 2005. (It was) followed by Don’t Don (2007), Sorry Sorry (2009), and Bonamana (2010).

Source: Surabaya Post Online
Surabaya Post is one of Indonesian newspapers so it’s trustworthy.
Translated by : Tinniet @sj-world.net

Please take out w/ full and proper credit.

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