201104 Henry’s Baidu Message Update

Title: Hello everyone! I have a question to kiss1 you all!

Do you think that I look better with my hair up or down? I have been considering about it lately! :S:S
Please vote here! Please take a while to VOTE here!!


If you’re unsure of how to use it then Qingdao3 here to take a look


Thank you everyone! If I have any questions in the future can I ask all of you?

-Your Liu Xianhua4

1 He mistyped ‘问’ (ask) as ‘吻’ (kiss)
2 He mistyped ‘把’ (to) as ‘吧’ (bar)
3 Typoed 请到 (please go to) as 青岛 (Qingdao – name of a place in China)
4 Henry mistyped the middle character of his name 宪 as 先

Credits: Icepluscoffee


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