Super Junior Leeteuk, “Now it’s only the 2000th day after debut, there’s still much more to do”

Super Junior Leeteuk, “Now it’s only the 2000th day after debut, there’s still much to do”

Super Junior Leeteuk left a message on the 2000th day after their debut.

On the 29th, Leeteuk updated his twitter with “2000th day since debut. Now it’s only 2000 days after our debut, there’s still much more things to do, there’s still many things lacking. To the very supportive international E.L.F(s)! I sincerely love you, thank you!”

Super Junior expressed a humble attitude. On the 26th, Super Junior was number one on Japan’s Tower Records sales ranking. On British BBC on the 28th, they were also awarded recognition of the Hallyu wave effect. Leeteuk expressed “British BBC said that Super Junior was a national symbol. This did not come out of my own mouth, haha. This is also good. Nonetheless, I’m very grateful to be able to get such recognition from overseas! Japanese single also got first place in sales! What is more important is our official debut.”

However, he also said a meaningful sentence “I am Korean, no matter which country I go to, I will always feel that Korea is the best country, Koreans are the most sincere, I would always have this type of impression and would work really hard. But in the end we were able to get such a confirmation overseas. I’ll be more humble and work harder.”

Fans expressed “There’s much thought behind this sentence”, “Congratulations on your 2000th day since debut!”, “I would continue waiting, for your future 2 millionth day, 2000 years” etc.

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Source: Sports Chosun
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