110331 Henry Baidu Bar Message Update + Reply to fan

Note: This whole entry is translated based on what the original context should be. The original parts where he made typos will be noted at the end of the post.

Title: :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D!!!!!!

Hello everyone!
Haven’t seen you in a long time!!!!!1
did you miss me!!!?!?
Are you all doing well?? I’m in Taiwan recently.
I’m doing great2
You don’t have to worry3 about me!
My mother made a lot of things for me to eat!! 🙂
(I) ate well!!
(I’m) also learning Chinese slowly!

I really miss4 all of you!!!
Everyone must pass the days well!5
🙂 🙂

miss you strings!!!!!


* Words in this colour were originally written in English
1 Typo number 1; the original sentence he typed meant “Still won’t see you!” (He mixed up 好久 / hao jiu with 还就 / hai jiu)
2 Henry typed ‘guo de’ (doing) in pinyin.
3 He wrote ‘worry’ as ‘dan 心’ (mixture of pinyin + Chinese character – it should be 担心)
4 Typo number 2; he wrote 想 (miss) as 向 (towards)
5 Typo number 3; 要过 (must pass) was written as 腰果 (cashew nuts) – they have the same romanisation, but different pronunciation. His original sentence literally meant “Everyone must be good cashew nuts” LOL.

Source: Baidu Henry Bar
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SJ Donghae boasted sense of variety through one-day MC-ing stint, praised by Kim Taewoo

SuJu’s member Donghae replaced Yesung and became an MC for a day on MBC Every1’s “Super Junior’s Foresight”.

Originally, Foresight’s MCs are made up of Leeteuk, Yesung and Shindong. However, one of the MCs Yesung began to feel unwell on the day before the filming, and on the day itself, his condition did not seem to be getting any better, and hence an SOS was requested from his group member Donghae (to take his place on the show).

This is the first time that Donghae, who ran over to fill the vacancy left by Yesung, became an MC, but he showed perfect cooperation with the other members. Kim Taewoo, whom appeared as a guest on the show, praised Donghae saying that he did a better job than was expected, and another guest, KCM, said that Donghae, who made a mistake and pronounced his name wrongly, did not do as well as he had expected, intentionally making things difficult for him, causing the recording studio to be drowned in a sea of laughter.

On the other hand, on that day, through speaking about the songs that would directly express their love and also discussing about their ideal types, the SuJu members gave a glimpse of their close relationship.

Donghae’s variety show MC-ing challenge will be revealed on MBC Every1’s “Super Junior’s Foresight” at 11PM on the 30th of March, Wednesday.

Source: BNT News
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Leeteuk disclosed that “Shindong had vocal cord ulcer”

It was revealed that Super Junior member Shindong had vocal cord ulcer.

Recently, the beautiful long-legged singer Kim Hyunjung participated in the recording of MBC Everyone’s Super Junior’s Foresight as a guest. On the show, there was a segment on singing Kim Hyunjung’s hit songs.

First up, Yesung displayed a powerful singing ability, perfectly interpreting the song. When it was Shindong’s turn, Leeteuk said that Shindong had vocal chord ulcer.

Shindong, who originally didn’t have a singing segment, had a recording with Leeteuk, and contracted vocal chord ulcer the next day. In regards to this, Shindong could not conceal his embarrassment.

In addition, the 3 MCs (Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong) were coached by the guest Kim Hyunjung and displayed their vocal ability.

For Shindong’s vocal chord ulcer story, it would be revealed on 23 March, Wednesday at 11pm on MBC Everyone’s Super Junior’s Foresight.

Source: BNT News
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