American-Finnish Producer/Composer to Produce A Song for ELF on February?

Will “Good Will” Rappaport, producer/songwriter for artists Justin Bieber, Akon, Sean Kingston, etc makes a deal with ELF in his twitter page.

On January 30, 2011, GoodWill tweeted that he will produce a song for Super Junior’s fans, along with Henri “MGI” Lanz, if their twitter followers reach 1000 before the week ends. This is the result of his twitter poll asking which is better: Justin Bieber or Super Junior. GoodWill is overwhelmed by the number of fans who voted for Super Junior, and thus, the deal was created. He is very thankful to the fans who answered his tweets and according to him, he will never forget the deal.

GoodWill and MGI is the duo who is also rumored to produce the single “Gotcha Numba” for Super Junior’s fifth album.

Source: GoodWill and MGI. twitter accounts.
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Henry To be on Strong Heart!

According to a tweet exchange between @SBSPD and @henry_concerto,
Henry will be on Strong Heart. Recording has taken place already.

Original tweets (@SBSPD is Strong Heart’s PD, Park Sanghyuk):

@henry_concerto@SBSPD Hello! This is a Korean fansite for SujuM Henry. Is it true that Henry was present for a recording this week? It’s really significant since this is Henry’s first appearance in a Korean talk show..! I only heard about it from Chinese fans, since it was so sudden I don’t know whether to believe it or not. That’s why I’m sending a tweet.

@SBSPD@henry_concerto Henry ssi did the recording. We’d be happy if you look forward to it as well.

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Leeteuk’s real sister Park Inyoung, “Two Kkabs” star formation with Jo Kwon, “Is this really your first variety programme?”

Super Junior leader and Strong Heart Teuk Academy’s president Leeteuk’s different from usual side has caused people to be speechless.

On the January 25 episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart’, Leeteuk appeared together with his real sister Park Inyoung for the filming, and had been anxious about his sister’s remarks which were like a time bomb.

Park Inyoung, who is currently doing activities as a musical actress, has done well on the day by making a statement in her first variety programme. She had showed off a sense of variety above that of Leeteuk’s, and had also performed a showy dance and showed off her voluble and outspoken side, thereby burning up the studio.

Upon seeing Leeteuk who said that “(Her) limbs are all huddled up together. Head’s like a rat”, Park Inyoung said that “Whenever my dongsaeng does a broadcast with me, he’ll always be embarrassed like this”, and that “but I real~ly like it”, effectively making Leeteuk’s mouth to be shut.

Also, under the request of the MCs who said that “you have to dance when you come onto variety shows”, she jumped onto the stage and performed a sexy dance and comic dance which was skillfully weaved together, catching the attention of the cast and the audience.

Following that, she also showed off an impromptu couple kkab-dance(?) with the best of ‘kkab’ 2AM’s Jo Kwon, completely overshadowing the fact that it was her first time on a variety programme, and was reborn as “two kkabs” together with Jo Kwon.

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Leeteuk and f(x) Krystal release duet ‘Grumbling’

Leeteuk and f(x)’s Krystal have performed a duet, a sweet new song for the “Enjoy Today” ballad project.

The song titled “Grumbling“ delivers soothing voices and the sweet melody.
This song is must-hear for especially Leeteuk fans since he is showing his skillful singing talent.

Credit : bhuentertainment @ youtube
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Leeteuk’s Sister Park Inyoung “Crazy Presence”, Entertainment Blood Certified

‘SuJu’ Leeteuk and his blood-related sister Park Inyoung appearing together in a filming has become a hot topic.

Park Inyoung appeared on the 25th January episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart’, and revealed that “Asia’s focus Leeteuk is actually dirty at home”.

Following that she added that “usually at home we don’t really talk to each other much. Teukkie is someone of a few words and so am I. If I am granted a personal wish I hope that he will quickly get a girlfriend and get married”, causing Leeteuk to be embarrassed.

Leeteuk calmly estimated that “Today the length of noona’s airtime would only be about 1 minute”. Following that Park Inyoung turned daring with her bold transformation and put up a sexy stage.

(But) her real performance was a comical dance. Park Inyoung subsequently showed off a bold dance in a black, glittery dress and leggings. Finally she showed off a couple dance with “Kkab Prince” Jo Kwon, making laughter all around.

After the stage had ended, Leeteuk yelled “Noona really why are you like this! I’m embarrassed”, and the other members also said that “Noona, please don’t do such dances while wearing leggings”.

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Heechul and Yoona spot “bad student concept”

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and SNSD’s Yoona spotted a “bad student concept” in a selca (self cam) picture.
Heechul uploaded the picture to his personal twitter at 12PM KST on January 27th with this selca and tweeted: “This is a picture taken with Yoong just a brief moment ago…I feel like it came out a little ruined so should I put this up or not?” and “‘Bad student concept’ Hee Kkangpae & Im Kkangpae. Should I put up the video of us pretending we’re in preschool? It’s really funny. Space Big Star Hee and goddess even without makeup Yoong.”

Netizens have made comments such as “You guys are warm-looking bad students”, “You guys match the ‘bad student’ look” and “Please put up the video of you guys playing like preschoolers!”

What do you think of this look?

Source: Star News