SJ Eunhyuk revealed “Girls’ Generation Yuri once did an imitation of dinosaurs”

Super Junior Eunhyuk exposed the past of Girls’ Generation member Yuri.

On the 28th Nov broadcast of KBS2 TV <Nocturnal>, Eunhyuk made an appearance as a guest MC, and revealed “There was a vast difference between my first impression of Girls’ Generation Yuri and her current image of <Black pearl of Girls’ Generation>. When I first saw her, she was still a child who imitates dinosaur.” Eunhyuk said “Every week (,) there’ll be an individual skills test of our singing and dance ability, Yuri really performed the imitation of dinosaurs, and also including the famous song then in an advertisement, Jeon Ji Hyun’s <Get Up>.” In regards to this, Yuri then performed a funny version of Jeon Ji Hyun’s <Get Up> on the spot, attracting huge laughter from everyone in the studio.

That day, Eunhyuk even picked on Girls’ Generation Yoona and said “In the past, Yoona was like now, elegant and quiet, and had not much friends.” making Yoona humiliated.

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Newcomers’ Gala forms Celebrity Director Group, Han Geng leads stars to light up Night in Beijing

The 3rd MengNiu Yogurt Music Charts Newcomers’ Gala will be held on December 19th at the sports arena of Beihang University. The theme of this year’s Newcomers’ Gala is “PLAY”, as in “to have fun” and “to broadcast”, the goal is to create the most thrilling and dazzling party of people’s dreams. This year, a Celebrity Director group was formed to allow the stars and singers to participate most directly in the Gala.

To Create the most Exciting Music Gala with the Theme of “PLAY”
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Promotion Ambassador Han Geng Leads Stars to form the Celebrity Director Group
The highlight of this year’s Gala is the Celebrity director group. As the Promotion Ambassador of the Newcomers’ Gala, Han Geng will also be acting as the DIRECTOR, leading multiple new forces in the industry including Yaoyao, Vivi Jiang, Michelle Lee, and boy band MIC to participate in this event. Singer Hebe Tian will also be bring he new solo album <To Hebe> to compete in the Newcomers’ Gala. This year’s awards are all highly competitive, and the “Best Newcomer”, “Best Album”, “Most Well-rounded Newcomer” awards all has everyone highly anticipated. Just who will get the awards, we will have to wait and see.

<T/N: the rest has been cut off as it’s just explaining some of the activities that will happen.>

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n Kyuhyun’s solo, “다시… 사랑합니다 (Love Again)”

In this track, co-written by Brown Eyed Soul’s Jungyeop and Eco-Brige under the team name of “Honeydew’O”, their sensual music meets Super Junior Kyuhyun’s voice in an emotional climax. Kyuhyun’s solo track is a ballad of touching lyrics about the pain and desperation he felt when he was involved in a car accident back in 2007, and express gratitude and love for the world and people he saw again. The warm atmosphere is given by the rhythm of a fine combination of an acoustic guitar’s sound and electronical instrument source.

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“Suju”, splendor of the talk show

Super Junior presented themselves to the viewers with a new variety show bearing their own name <Super Junior’s Vision>.

Super Junior who showcased their elegant eloquence in both variety shows and radios in which gaining recognition from the public, is going to challenge a talk show <Super Junior’s Vision>, this is a show in which a senior celebrity will be invited on every week, and thus learn the skills of gaining popularity from one another.

During the first recording, Kim Jang Hoon went onto the program, and imparted to Super Junior, the secret of gaining love during concerts for the whole of 20 years.

Especially during the process of learning the dance steps of Kim Jang Hoon’s <I’m a man>, the image (of the Super Junior members) dancing together as a group, and Super Junior Kyuhyun’s performance of Kim Jang Hoon’s popular song <If you’re like me>, brought fun to the audience and left them feeling moved.

Showcasing the warmth between the seniors and the juniors (,) <Super Junior’s Vision> will have its first broadcast on the 8th next month, 5pm.

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‘Athena Choi Siwon : “Happy to accomplish childhood dream as a National Intelligence Agent”

[TV Daily = Reporter Kim Jihyun] Group Super Junior member Choi Siwon expressed his thought about joining ‘actor-dol’

On the 30 at 11AM at the Moogoonghwa Hall of Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel in Gwangjadong, Seoul, Choi Siwon attended the opening of SBS New Monday-Tuesday Drama “Athena : Goddess of War” (a.k.a ATHENA , script by Kim Hyunjoon, directed by Kim Yeongjoon), standing with Jung Woosung, Cha Seungwon, and other top actors.

“It’s really trembling since it’s my first real acting. However, the seniors taught me well and they treated me well so we got along fine” said Choi Siwon, conveying his thought of beginner acting.

“Every men would dream about being an agent while carrying a gun when they’re young, but it’s uncommon for this kind of role to happen.(So) I am happy that I can accomplish my childhood’s dream through ‘Athena’ ” said Choi Siwon.

On this day, being with his seniors made Choi Siwon showed a nervous appearance, making people smiled. There was no full-of-confidence image that he shows when he is on stage as Super Junior, and (instead) he showed a shy appearance, catching everyone’s eyes.

(omitted part that is not about Siwon)

First broadcast of Athena will be on the 13th of next month at 9.55PM

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Super Junior’s Kyuhyun “changes into a swordsman”

On the afternoon of 29th, at Seoul’s Chungmu Art Hall, Super Junior Kyuhyun showed off his charismatic self while doing a public on stage rehearsal for “The Three Musketeers”.

Together with Yoo Jun Sang, Im Ki Jun, Kim Mu Yul, Kyuhyun (Super Junior) Jay (TRAX) and Dana, they will be performing in the musical, “The Three Musketeers”. The musical will feature realistic props and a magnificent stage that goes beyond the story, enhancing the finishing product and also to raise the standard of the musical. It will premiere on the 15th of December.


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[Fanaccount] Super Junior in “PD Radio Concert” Thailand

* Please note: It’s Heechul Biased *


Our boys were the last group that came on stage at about 9.30 pm.
They were all dressed in black, very handsome.

Started with “Bonamana”, while singing Leeteuk shouted “Everyone scream!!!”
Followed by “No Other” Leeteuk shouted “So much fun” in Thai. When it’s Heenim’s part, he smiled and did his “looking” post, cute~
In Eunhyuk and Shindong’s rap part “Naeka michyeo michyeo baby”, Shindong touched Eunhyuk’s face and slid his hand down to Eunhyuk’s neck!
And Maknae hug Heenim to make “Sorry Sorry” dance together LOL KyuChul
At the end Heenim did V sign and waving to us, cuteeeee
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