SJ Schedule 10/31 – 12/17

* time in KST

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10/31 MBC-TV Concert for Beautiful People – MC Siwon 7PM


11/01 SBS Doctor Champ – Shindong 8:50 PM

11/02  SBS Doctor Champ- Shindong 8:50PM

11/04 MBC Love Chaser – SJ Special 6PM

11/05 MBC Star Audition-Great Birth of a star – MC Shindong & Eunhyuk 9:55PM

11/06  MBC-TV Concert for Beautiful People – MC Siwon 12:10PM

11/07 MBC Enjoy Today 5:20 PM


12/17 Musical The Three Musketeers- Kyuhyun 4:00PM


11/06 SJ 5th Anniversary Party 7PM

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Vote to help Han Geng get on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala!, One of the most important events in China!

Another mission to vote for Han Geng! This time, is in order to get him on the Spring Festival Gala.

【ENGSUB】101029 CCTV3《I Want to be on the stage of Spring Festival Gala 》HanGeng
Watching Han Geng’s inteview (subbed by our Baidu bar friends!) should let you know how big of a deal it’d be for him to perform on an event he grew up watching together with his family.

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Xiah Junsu mentioning Eunhyuk on his twitter

TRANS: There was once when Eunhyuk said.. on broadcast that I drank alcohol.. because of that (,) I was mistaken as someone who likes drinking.. ke.. honestly.. I only had experience drinking alcohol.. (but) till now I don’t like it nor drink it often ~ㅋtalking about this (,) I missed our hyukjae.. Aigoo

Source: @0101xiahtic
Chinese translation: 倩倩
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET


101030 Boys Twitter Update

Via @Heedictator
오늘이 할로윈데이?
TRANS: Is today Halloween

Via @NaRi______
@Heedictator 내일아니에여??오빤 찐빵뒤집어쓰시면 되겠땃^^
TRANS: @Heedictator Isn’t it tomorrow?? If Oppa go out as a steamed bun, also can ^^

Credit: @Heedictator, @NaRi________
Translated by: minoko2440 @
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2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards

SUJU has been nominated in 4 categories (Artist of the Year, Song of The Year, Best Male Group, and Best Dance for Male) for MNET’s MAMA Awards, but with SM and Mnet’s history, it is assumed that SM artists will not be attending the event but if you want to vote, here is the link ^^

So far, they are ranked number 1 in their nominated categories.

Link: (you must create an account — most of it is in English)