SME to Hangeng: You’re still under contract with us

SM Entertainment has reminded Hangeng, the Chinese member of boy band Super Junior, that he is still under contract with the agency and that all his activities should have its approval.

Hangeng filed a lawsuit against SME last December in South Korea to terminate his exclusive contract, saying that it was disadvantageous to him.

He left South Korea and is living in his native China.

Since then, Hangeng has been charting his career as a solo singer outside SME.

SME’s action is regarded as a response to many activities that Hangeng has been doing in the past several months including TV appearances.

Recently, Hangeng and Chinese singer Zhou BiChang recorded the official song for the Asian Games that will be held in Guangzhou, China this November. The song has topped 20 music charts in different parts of China.

Hangeng is also set to release his own album.

In an article in a Chinese website, Hangeng talked about his lawsuit.

“In Korea, artists terminating their contracts are very common. If that artist is a solo artist, the termination just needs to go through the necessary procedures to complete, but it is more sensitive if that artist is in a group, as he/she not only needs to face the company, but also the fans and members who make up the group who have been together for many years,” said Hangeng in a translation by, the international forum for Super Junior fans.

Hangeng is leaving up to his lawyer to work on the lawsuit while he is focusing on his career.

In addition to singing, he said he is interested in making movies and his dream is to act with his idol Jackie Chan.

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KBS Open Concert in Shenyang, China

When: July 6
Where: Shenyang
List of Performers: (Subject to change)
Lee MiJa, Kim Yeong Im, Super Junior, 2PM, f(x), Joo Hyeon Mi, Lee Jung Hyun, Chaeyeon, Kan Mi Yeon, Shenyang Intl School Children’s Choir

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Usher invites Will Pan, Han Geng, Jay Chou, David Tao to upcoming concert

On July 11th, American R&B star Usher will hold a concert in Beijing for the first time in Wukesong Arena. While the concert date is quickly approaching, the official guest performers for his concert had not been finalized as of yet. Usher did provide a list of invited esteemed guests requested by him as possible acts, including some of East Asia’s premiere singers such as Will Pan, Jay Chou, Han Geng, and David Tao.

One of the factors that motivated Usher in holding a concert in Beijing was to hold a cultural exchange and friendly communications with his Mandopop star counterparts, as well as having the opportunity to collaborate and dance alongside them on stage. In terms of dancing, Usher was specifically interested with Will Pan, whom has released strings of hit songs that highlight his dance moves; and Han Geng, whom achieved acclaim for his dancing due to his training from his Super Junior days.

Will already has established ties with the United States due to being born and partly growing up there, as well as having made frequent trips back to record and produce his previous albums there. The Taiwanese-American singer had earlier planned to attend Usher’s concert regardless in order to support his idol. On the other hand, Han Geng’s invite is the latest in a string of positive news for the ex-Super Junior, whose popularity had not only been unaffected following his departure from one of South Korea’s most famous boy bands, but has actually been rising rapidly.

Concert organizers are currently scrambling with booking the invited artists in the hopes of scheduling them as acts in Usher’s first ever Beijing concert. The American R&B star also hopes to gather some feedback from Chinese fans on their views through online polling in order to determine which artist would be a compatible match for his performance style. In the mean time, as the finalized list of guest performers are in the works, netizens are expected to have a war of words as to who should be some of the acts in Usher’s concert.

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Ryeowook cried when recording ‘ A short journey/Goodbye’ ?

Super Junior member Ryeowook replied to his fans on UFO recently saying:

Fan : The voice…once I heard it I burst into tears..*
Ryeowook : I also cried once at the recording studio

Fan : No matter what anyone says, E.L.F will protect Super Junior. So fighting !
Ryeowook : Fighting !!!^^

The fan talked about the song “잠시만 Good Bye (A Short Journey)” which having Kangin participated in before he enters the army

I believe everybody is upset about Kangin enterting the army for 2 years and i guess maybe ryeowook thinks about him or even met him at the recording studio.( they don’t live together) The song is composed by Donghae, lyrics written by Eunhyuk and the whole song, well, seems to be dedicated to Kangin and it sounds like Kangin’s message to his fans. There are words such as ‘ I will be leaving for a short while’ etc. Lets say ‘ Fighting/hwaiting’ to super junior for going through so many hardships!

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Super Junior, definitely Asia’s’ best idol group ‘Sweeps no.1 in countries’

Super Junior is sweeping Asia again with ‘Miinah’.

Super Junior won Music Bank 3 times in a row, Inkigayo triple crown etc and is opening a winning march in Korea, and is also ranked first in Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong etc… and other countries music charts.

On the 15, Super Juniors 4th Album ‘Miinah’ was sold in Thailand and was first place for 2 weeks (June 14th – June 24th) in Channel [V] and was also in B2S TOP 20, GRAM ASIAN POP TOP10, Look Maew Asian Pop, Top5 etc… they have been talking first place in each Taiwanese Album Sale Chart, They have confirmed Super Juniors Star aspects in Asia.

Also, after ‘Miinah’ was released in Thailand it was ranked in G-MUSIC, FIVE MUSIC, KMCC, CC Record etc… each album sale chart and online music sites: KKBOX, ezpeer, and was the weekly charts of June (June 18th – June 24th).

This album was especially licensed in Taiwan and the Korean version of the album was shipped in May and made it to other Music charts such as G-MUSIC, FIVE MUSIC for 2 weeks, the fans are showing huge interest in Super Junior.

To this, ‘Miinah’ was 1st for 3 weeks (1st week of June – 3rd week of June) in Philippines Music Channel MYX, Hong Kong’s HMV daily music Top 10 charts 1st place (June 6th – June 12th) and they are sweeping all of the Music Charts for being 1st place, there is a craze for Super Junior in Asia.

In the other hand, Super Junior has added 4 new songs on the 28th for their repackage album and it is being sold, it has immediately been recorded as 1st place in charts and is receiving good reactions.

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Marriage & Military Service won’t break up SJ

The members of boy band Super Junior, clockwise from left: Donghae, Sungmin, Leeteuk, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Heechul, Shindong, Siwon, Eunhyuk and Yesung. Provided by SM Entertainment

Super Junior, the Korean super group founded in 2005, had some major changes to its lineup last year, but its fifth anniversary year looks like it will be another successful one for the group, which is one of the largest boy bands in the world.

Last month, when Super Junior released its fourth full-length album, it sold 100,000 copies in the first week after its release on April 13. Industry experts expect the album, titled “Bonamana,” will surpass the group’s previous sales record, achieved with its third album “Sorry Sorry.” That album sold 250,000 copies and topped the album sales chart when it was released in March last year.

At a time when other groups such as Girls’ Generation are eschewing the regular full-length CD format in favor of mini albums, digital albums and other kinds of special albums, that’s quite a feat.

Despite their success, the up-and-coming idol group has struggled this year. Three of the band’s members – Han Geng, Kang-in and Kibum – left the group during the recording period. In the coming year, the band is facing new challenges, with marriage and military service looming on the horizon.

In a recent interview with 10 of the band’s 13 members, however, the boys seemed committed to staying together for years to come, no matter what life may throw their way.

Here are some excerpts from the interview.

Q. What has made you such a strong group over the past five years?

A. Heechul: We really talk a lot. If there are problems, we talk until they are resolved. Lack of communication always creates problems.

It must have been difficult for you to make the new album without the three other members of the band.

Sungmin: We felt pressure taking their places, but it has also given us an opportunity to think about how important each member of the band is.

What do the three other members think about the new song “Bonamana”?

Leeteuk: Kang-in said the group’s dance moves are awesome and Kibum said he was sorry that I have to fill the space he left.

The choreography for the song is pretty impressive.

Eunhyuk: The dance moves were created by American choreographer Nick Bass, who was inspired by figure skating and short track skating.

Many people have said the title song for the current album is very similar to the group’s previous hit song “Sorry Sorry.”

Leeteuk: Maybe that’s because the new song is so characteristic of what we do and that’s what makes people think that Sorry Sorry and the new song are alike.

I think that criticism like that is better than nothing because it shows that Bonamana has made an impression on the public.

Heechul: For me, the criticism is flattering because it is a sign that we’ve found our signature sound. In fact, Leeteuk and I didn’t like the idea of [Bonamana] as the title song because we didn’t think the electronic sound represented us.

But after recording it and practicing the dance moves, I’ve changed my mind. I think the song suits us.

Shindong proposed to his girlfriend [in a numerical code] in the liner notes and his actions have since become the talk of the town. What’s happening with that?

Shindong: I was thinking about decoding it for the public after the album was released but my fans have already decoded it.

I haven’t heard from my girlfriend since I popped the question, but if she says yes, I want to get married as soon as possible.

Do you think you will still perform as Super Junior even if some of you get married?

Heechul: It’s our goal to keep singing and dancing as Super Junior when we are 30 and 40, even after marriage and our military service.

Do you have any secrets for keeping fit?

Yesung: Siwon always inspires us. Now we’re in a kind of competition [to build muscles.]

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Super Junior Shindong finally shaves his mustache !

Super Junior ShinDong finally shaved his face.

ShinDong posted photos of him doing a shave on his Twitter on 29th June. All this while, he has been keep his moustache on the face. And in the photos, ShinDong was seen posing with a sad expression.

Netizens commented, “Thank you for shaving your moustache”, “You look younger now” etc.

Also, pictures from the music show in MBC “Shim Shim ta pa”, Shindong’s mustache were already shaved off making him more clean to look at.